Wade Fishing 101: How To Maximize Your Time & Strikes While Wading

Want to hear tips from a hard-core wade fisherman who has spent almost 40 years wading the flats? Then check out all of these great tips and shortcuts from "Wader Dave."
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Paper Fishing Maps vs Online Satellite Maps (How They Really Match Up)

Do you want to see how the "old school" paper fishing maps match up to the newer online fishing maps? Then you've got to see this video. Very interesting!
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Here Are The Best Lure Colors For The Winter Time (Capt. CA Richardson)

Do you want to know what colors have brought the most strikes for Capt. CA Richardson after 30 years of fishing the flats in the winter? Then watch this new Insider tip.
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How To Get Your Best Fishing Pics At The Top Of Google Search (VIDEO)

Do you want to know some of the best ways to "legally" get your best fishing pictures found on the first page of Google (the main search and the image search)? Then watch this.
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What NOT To Do When Cleaning Your Fishing Rods, Reels, & Tackle

Would you like to see the biggest MISTAKES that inshore fishermen make when cleaning their rods, reels, and fishing tackle? Then watch this new Insider video.
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Post-Cold Front Looking For Big Snook Via Paddleboard

I had a morning open so I decided to take the paddleboard to explore an area for some big snook... sight-fishing for big snook is an absolute thrill, and the conditions seemed right for this area.
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Finding Hot Spots In Bays, Flats, & Cuts [Dissection of St. Joseph Bay]

Do you want to see some great online map tips on finding new spots in bays, flats, and troughs in your area? Then you've got to see this latest fishing spot dissection.
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This Is The Scary Reason Why We Need More Oyster Bars In America

Did you know that many areas of Florida and surrounding states have lost up to 80% of their oyster reefs in the last 50 years? Check out the disturbing facts about the oyster populations in America.
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Windy Flats and Islands Fishing Trip

I focused on a nice area to fish with a lot of grass and islands in Mosquito Lagoon. The day turned out to be a lot windier than forecasted, but I was able to find some reds and catch a few as well. Check out the full report!
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The Kayak “Skunk Factor” Series (6-Part Kayak Fishing Video Series)

It's kayak tip time! And in this post, you will discover ALL SIX of the Kayak Skunk Factors... broken down into amazing video tips. Enjoy.
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This Is What Triggers Speckled Trout Strikes In The Winter (Capt. CA Richardson)

Do you want to discover some of the best tips for targeting big speckled trout in the winter? Then check out this latest tip from Capt. CA Richardson.
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Do Gear Ratios Really Matter With Inshore Fishing Reels? Here’s The Truth.

Do you want to know just how important the gear ratios are in your inshore fishing reels? Well, here's everything you need to know to make the best decision.
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Line Cutterz “Fishing Line Cutting Ring” Review [VIDEO]

Want to see the pros and cons of the Line Cutterz fishing ring? It's certainly incredibly sharp (and can cut even the thickest braid), but it does have one downfall...
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Spider Hitch Knot Review [Easiest Way To Tie & Strength Test]

This post will show you the fastest way to tie the popular Spider Hitch loop knot. And it also shows how its strength compares to other loop knots like the Bimini Twist, Surgeon, King Sling, etc.
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2 Days After Full Moon & 3 Days After Front [Picnic Island Trip #2]

After the very slow day at this area a couple weeks ago, I decided that I’d like to revisit this spot in similar tides but...
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