This Is One Thing You Can Do To Keep Our Beaches Clean

Want to know how long certain items take to break down? Protecting our natural resources is crucial for anglers today and in the future but...
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Mosquito Lagoon Seagrass Crisis (Before & After Pictures)

This is outrageous! The seagrass is being decimated and it's only getting worse. See these before and after pictures and learn what...
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How To Properly Net A Fish That You Plan To Release

When landing fish that we plan to release, it's important to use the right type of equipment and procedures described in this article.
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3 Tips For Saving Sea Turtles During An Emergency Situation

Want to know what to do if you need to help a sea turtle in an emergency? We just participated in the biggest sea turtle rescue in history and...
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Texas Fish Kill Update: Trout Decimated, Redfish Report & More

Texas fisheries have been decimated due to the historic freeze. See the good news, bad news, and how you can help the fish recover here.
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Scary Covid-Like Disease Attacking Florida’s Largest Coral Reef!

Have you heard about this new threat to Florida's coral reef? Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease has infected about half of all coral reef...
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Top 5 Worst Fish Handling Mistakes (Avoid These)!

Fishermen are making these mistakes all the time, but they're really easy to fix! They include, using the wrong hooks, holding them by the...
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BULL REDFISH: How To Properly Release (Plus What NEVER To Do)

Are you making these deadly mistakes when releasing big fish? Learn how to safely handle them so they can swim off healthy and reproduce.
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Why CCA NC Is Suing The State For Coastal Fisheries Mismanagement

Have you heard about this new lawsuit against the North Carolina? They've mismanaged their fisheries and now it's gotten so bad that...
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Why Use Barbless Hooks (And How To Make Your Hooks Barbless)

Considering using barbless hooks? There are several advantages of hooks without a barb, including being safer for you and the fish, and...
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How To Avoid Gut Hooking Fish With Artificial Lures

Gut hooking fish can be deadly, but with these two tips you can hook them in the lips AND catch more fish.
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How To Vent & Descend Red Snapper (So We Get More Days Next Year)

Want to have a longer red snapper season next year? Check out this video to learn how to reduce discard mortality so that we can keep more snapper!
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The Future Of Gator Trout – Introducing Release Over 20″ Initiative

Have you heard those fishing stories of "back in the day" that just seem too good to be true? Well, they were true, and if we're not careful, fishing is...
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North Carolina’s Gill Net Problem (And How We Can Fix It Together)

North Carolina's fisheries are in trouble. We're destroying our fisheries with gill nets and if we don't do something about it soon, we may not have a...
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Are You Willing To Fight For Fishing Like This? With Capt. Benny Blanco

Can you imagine if there was no fishing in Florida because our waters were too dirty? Meet Capt. Benny Blanco who's on the front lines protecting our water.
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