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This page shows a variety of articles and videos covering saltwater fishing rods for targeting our favorite inshore fish.

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Planning Your Fishing Trips: How Many Rods To Bring (And What To Rig)

Want to know how many rods and reels to bring on a fishing trip, and what to rig on them? Getting this right will save you time and help...
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How To Properly Pair Your Inshore Spinning Rod & Reel

Want to get the most out of your fishing rod and reel? Then you need to pair them up correctly. Check this out to learn what to avoid when choosing a...
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Fishing Rod Power vs. Action (How To Choose The Right Rod For You)

Do you know what rod power and rod action mean? They're really important features of a rod that can help you catch more fish, or make it harder for you.
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The Best Rod & Reel Combo For Inshore Fishing [Price & Performance]

Looking for the best inshore rod and reel combo? I've tested hundreds of rods and reels and in this video, I'm sharing my favorites.
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7 Tips For Choosing A High-Quality Inshore Spinning Rod

Looking to get a new fishing rod? Check out these 7 tips to help you choose a high-quality rod that is well-made, while avoiding defective rods.
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Black Pelican Custom Spinning Rod Review [Top Pros & Cons]

Looking to get a custom fishing rod? In this video I'll break down the pros and cons of my Black Pelican Custom Rod, and custom rods in general.
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Cajun Inshore Spinning Rod Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

Looking for a new fishing rod? Want something that's made in the USA? Check out this review of this inshore spinning rod made by Cajun.
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Toadfish Inshore Fishing Rod Review [Top Pros & Cons]

Looking to get a new inshore fishing rod? Check out this review of the Toadfish inshore fishing rod! I'll cover the top pros and cons, plus...
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The Best Type Of Rod & Reel For Inshore Fishing [Baitcasting Vs. Spinning Gear]

Trying to decide if you should use a baitcasting or spinning reel for inshore saltwater fishing? Check out this video where we break down the pros and cons.
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Temple Fork Outfitters GIS Series Spinning Rod Review [Top Pros & Cons]

This post reviews the Temple Fork Outfitters GIS Series Spinning Rod & tells you its pros & cons. We also show this rod in action catching fish in a video.
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Everything You Must Know About Saltwater Fishing Rods [With TFO’s Jim Shulin]

Do you know what to look for when purchasing a new saltwater fishing rod? Jim Shulin from TFO stops by to tell us how to identify a quality fishing rod.
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Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod Review [Top 3 Pros and Cons]

Have you tried out this spinning rod from Bull Bay? Check out our unbiased review of the Bull Bay Assault Spinning Rod (with top three pros and cons)
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All Star Inshore Series Rod Review [Top Pros, Cons and Video]

See what the pros and cons of the All Star Inshore Series rod are, where to find these rods and what to consider before purchasing one.
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Edge Spinning Rod Review [Top Pros & Cons]

After seeing these Edge rodes at ICAST last year, I was determined to add one to my arsenal because it looked and felt so nice. So I finally got one and have had a chance to get out on the water to see how it compares to the other rods that I've used and tested... here are the results.
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How To Pick The Perfect Inshore Spinning Rod (At Bass Pro Shops)

Want to know how to quickly pick the best rod while shopping at an overwhelming big place like Bass Pro Shops? Then check out this latest Insider tip. Tight lines!
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