Offshore Fishing

Easiest Way to Find Grouper & Snapper Offshore

Here's how to use the Smart Fishing Spots app to help you find productive fishing spots for big grouper and snapper.
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Is This The Best All-In-One Saltwater Fishing App Ever Made?

Finally! A fishing app for saltwater anglers that has EVERYTHING in ONE place. We've been working on something BIG!!!...
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Easiest Way To Rig Pinfish For Snapper (And Other Offshore Species)

Want to see a really easy way to rig pinfish for snapper and other bottom feeders? There's no weights or beads and it catches TONS of fish.
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You’ve Got To See These Sharks Chase Down Cobia!!!

INSANE COBIA BITE!! You can’t miss these bull sharks chase down cobia! Check it out here! Sharks Chase Down Cobia [VIDEO] That is what fishing...
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Can You Use Mud Minnows For Offshore Fishing?

Can you use mud minnows for offshore fishing? Do you think they will catch as many fish offshore as inshore? Mud minnows are...
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Fishing Offshore In A Flats Boat (With Flats Fishing Gear)

Can you go offshore fishing in a flats boat? What are the best conditions to take a smaller vessel offshore? The answers are..
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Snapper Fishing 15 Miles Offshore in a Flats Boat [Insider Report]

A recent break in the weather allowed me to finally head offshore to get into some of the rigs that are a bit further out!...
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This Is How To Use Chum To Catch Cobia Offshore

How do you fish nearshore and offshore rigs and structure more effectively? The secret is chum! The chum will bring in the baitfish and...
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Are You Wearing The Right Sunglasses For Offshore Fishing?

Are you struggling to find a pair of sunglasses that will help you see the water clearer and feel comfortable? The best fishing sunglasses...
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Is This The Best Lure For Nearshore And Offshore Reefs?

Are you always using live bait to fish nearshore or offshore reefs? The best artificial lure for this type of fishing may not be what you...
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Offshore Trip Planning w/ Capt Dylan Hubbard

Pre-trip planning is always a critical part of a fishing trip, whether it be inshore, offshore or nearshore. In this video, Captain Dylan Hubbard of...
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Biggest Grouper Fishing Mistakes To Avoid This Season

Do you know what the biggest mistakes are when it comes to group fishing? You'll want to make sure you have big tackle, big bait, and big...
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How to Catch A Ton of Big Kingfish Trolling [Insider Report]

A recent break in the weather allowed me to finally head offshore to get into some fun summertime offshore action! Initially, I just planned to...
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Red Snapper Cheat Sheet

It’s Red Snapper Time! The season is coming up soon for a lot of us, so what better time to start getting prepared! Below you...
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Best Red Snapper Bait [Secret Weapon]

Want to know what the best red snapper bait is? Check out this behind the scenes video where we reveal the offshore guide's secret weapon. Every time they..
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