Using New Hotspots Tool To Find Monster Fish On Reefs And Wrecks

Last week, Fellow Fishing Coach Justin Ritchey and I had an INSANE day of catching monster fish on reefs and wrecks with his buddy Capt. Sam Smith!!

This trip was nothing short of memorable and remarkable.

I caught the biggest fish of my entire life.

Don’t miss this footage!!

Monster Fish On Reefs And Wrecks [VIDEO]

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We targeted snapper, grouper, and really anything else that would bite.

To start the day, we live-lined some bait looking for some pelagic such as kingfish, etc.

It didn’t take long for the rods to bend and drag to scream!

After I pulled up a nice kingfish to start the day, we decided to do some drifts over interesting bottom structure we found using the Smart Fishing Spots app.

We were able to hook into a few smaller grouper and snapper but couldn’t find a steady bite.

So then we found some underwater wrecks that really kicked the bite on and it took off from there.

It was important to get our catches in the net quickly because we had some barracuda circling the boat trying to steal our catch.

We then hit a steady bite of amberjacks and the largest fish of the day was actually one of those amberjack caught on the Power Prawn U.S.A.

Our next move was to target goliath grouper.

So we dropped a jack down as bait and waited for quite the fight.

Without a doubt in my mind, I pull out the biggest fish of my entire life.

I just had to jump in the water a get a picture with my grouper.

Next up, it was Justin’s turn to handle one of these beasts.

After a slightly shorter fight, he managed to reel up another goliath.



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I’ll be thinking about this trip for a long time!!

Do you have any more questions about targeting monster fish on reefs and wrecks?

Let me know what you thought of this trip down in the comments!!

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Tammi Morrisette
1 year ago

Yeah, BOIIIIII!!!!!!!

Fred Noble
1 year ago

I am disappointed with the way you were fighting the large grouper. There were two people holding the fishing rod. This was not very sporting. The person realing in the fish can not claim in made a legal catch. Shame shame on you all

1 year ago



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