This Is How To Use Chum To Catch Cobia Offshore

How do you approach catching cobia offshore?

What are ways to attract them around your boat and to trigger strikes?

The answer lies in CHUM!

Check out how to chum for cobia here!!!

How To Use Chum To Catch Cobia Offshore [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Chumming is an extremely effective tactic to get some cobia on the line or up to the surface when fishing offshore.

Because of their tendency to stick close to structure, it’s easy to know where to put the chum, and they’ll sometimes even follow the slick all the way to the boat, giving you some fun opportunities for sight casting.

The chum brings in the baitfish which in turn will attract lots of predatory fish.

To prepare the chum, you need to add a 2:1 ratio of chum to water in either a bucket or a bag and mix it up.

This will create a substance that you will form balls from.

Next, toss the chum balls up current from the rig or structure you are fishing.

This will allow the chum to drift back into the rig and call all the baitfish up from the bottom.

In turn, predatory fish from king mackerel to cobia will follow the baitfish.

By creating a chum slick, you bring fish closer to you and can trigger a bite if it is going slow or you aren’t getting many strikes.

Offshore and nearshore fishing may not have the most structure and rigs provide a lot of cover for baitfish and ambush predators.

If the chum can stir up a commotion, the predatory fish will begin to feed.

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2 years ago

HI SALT STRONG NATION, i just want to comment on the power prawn. i recently used it for the first time along the shoreline in jensen beach on the Indian river. and boom after just a few casts to a piling, hooked up with about a 20 inch snook. dragged it up on the sand and released. my fishing buddies were impressed, as i am not usually the best fisherman in my group. last trip to the same area caught slot snook on the slam shady. you guys have definitely made me a better fisherman. thanks for all the great information and products.

Jimmy Rogers
2 years ago

Great video Whiteclaw, awesome tip on using Blackout, I never thought about using it that way. Thanks Brother

Jonathan Getz
2 years ago

Another great concise video Wyatt. I used some Blackout on Saturday kayak fishing the Surfside jetties. I did not visibly see baitfish, but looking at my sonar after the fact, it looks like it might have brought some up. My kayak buddy and the boats near us were constantly doubling up on bull reds so I can’t say it hurt our chances.


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