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When To Use & When To Avoid Suspending Hard Bait Lures

When should you be using suspending hard bait lures over paddletails or other soft plastics? The best times to choose this lure type are...
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How To Catch Sheepshead Under Bridge Pilings Using Shrimp

It's sheepshead time! Sheepshead are known for hanging around structures and bridge pilings, but what should you look for...
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Rod Building 101 (Learning How To Build The Best Fishing Rods)

Do you know everything you should about your fishing rod? Have you ever built a custom fishing rod from a blank? Custom fishing rods...
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Speckled Trout On Demand Fishing Mastery Course

Are you ready for our new Speckled Trout On Demand Mastery Fishing Course led by Captain Peter Deeks? In this new course, you will learn...
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What If You Threw Back 100% Of The Fish You Caught For A Year?

What if for an entire year, all the recreational anglers decided they weren't going to keep any fish? What would happen to the fisheries?...
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Best Gear For Fishing In Cold Winter Weather Like A Pro

Are you ready to fish this winter? Do you have the proper gear for combating the colder conditions? The must-have cold weather gear is...
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This Is Why Most Bass Anglers Fail At Inshore Fishing

Did you learn to go bass fishing before trying inshore saltwater fishing? Bass anglers find difficulty when switching over because of...
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This Is The Easiest Way To Avoid The Dreaded Skunk

Is the SKUNK avoidable? For those that do not know, getting skunked is when you just cannot find the fish. To avoid the skunk, you have to...
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How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last 4 Times Longer (And What Mistakes To Avoid)

How can you extend the life of your fishing rod? Are there certain things you can do to take better care of your gear? The truth is...
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How To Catch Snook At Super High, Slack Tide Like A Pro

How do you catch more fish on a high, slack tide? What should you look for? The best way to find the fish at this time are the three B's...
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Inshore Fishing 101: This Is How To Never Get Skunked

How can you prevent a skunked fishing trip? Are there ways to always catch fish every time you head out on the water? The secrets are...
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We Found 100+ Redfish In One Small Area (Live On The Water)

Do you want to see some insane on-the-water action??? How about a double-double up on bull redfish?! Check out this crazy footage of...
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Trolling Motor Review: Minn Kota vs. MotorGuide (Pros & Cons)

Does your boat have a Minn Kota or MotorGuide trolling motor? What are the pros and cons of both? Listen in as we discuss...
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Shortcut To Finding Redfish, Snook, & Trout On A Grass Flat

Do you want to catch more slams on grass flats? What should you be looking for to set up in the best position on the flats? The secret is...
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Topwater Lure Vs. Paddletail Lure (Live On The Water)

Which is the better lure for early morning action: paddletail lure or topwater lure? In this live on the water video we answer this and...
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