Shrimp Lures

Power Prawn Jr. Is Here! [New Product]

The Power Prawn Jr. is finally here! These deadly shrimp lures are similar to the standard Power Prawn, just a little smaller. See how to...
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Is This The Best New Shrimp Lure On The Market?

What's your favorite shrimp lure? This new Brazilian lure has an uncanny knack for attracting big fish, and the story of how it came to be is...
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How To Retrieve A Shrimp Jig (When Fishing Docks)

Want to catch more fish using shrimp jigs under docks? Retrieving them correctly is one of the most important keys to doing so because it...
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Gulp Shrimp vs. LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp (Scent vs. Sight Tests)

Does scent or sight matter more when using shrimp lures? I tested out Gulp Shrimp vs. LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp and what I found was that...
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DOA Shrimp vs. Vudu Shrimp: Winter Redfish Contest (Day 1)

What's the best shrimp lure? On this trip, I tested out the Vudu shrimp vs. DOA shrimp to see which one caught more redfish, and the results...
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3 Tips To Catch More Fish On Gulp Shrimp This Fall

Gulp shrimp are some of the best lures to catch fish in the fall. Check out this video to see how to rig and retrieve them to catch more...
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Incredible Shrimp Lure Test Results (Flounder, Snook, & Grouper LOVE It)

Shhh... don't tell anyone, but we've been trying out a new secret shrimp lure. Big fish are loving it and in this video, you'll get a first...
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Should You Ever Rig Shrimp Backward? (Surprising Answer)

Should you ever rig artificial shrimp backward? See the answer here and learn how to catch more fish on artificial shrimp.
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How To Rig Artificial Shrimp In Every Scenario (Backward vs. Forward)

Have you been rigging artificial shrimp backward this whole time? Learn the correct way to rig shrimp for each scenario, plus a bonus Gulp rigging tip.
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How To Rig Artificial Shrimp Like A Pro (For Any Water Depth)

Want to know the best way to rig artificial shrimp? It depends on depth (as well as other conditions), but in this video I'll give you a simple rule to...
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Best Shrimp Lures To Fish Under A Popping Cork [Brand Comparison]

Do you fish artificial shrimp under a popping cork? Watch this video where we do a brand comparison to see which shrimp is the best to use under a cork.
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How To Rig Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp For More Bites [Product Review]

Do you want to know if the Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp really work? Then check out this review with the pros and cons of the Berkley Gulp Shrimp.
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Artificial Shrimp Mini-Course [Tips and Tactics for Rigging and Retrieving]

It’s shrimp time! Artificial shrimp lures are awesome baits to throw year-round, and in just about any type of conditions. In this “mini-course” you will...
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Gulp Shrimp: Are You Rigging Them Upside Down By Accident?

We've received a ton of comments about our recent Gulp Shrimp rigging video... and I think many anglers might be rigging their shrimp upside down... Enjoy!
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3 Best Ways To Rig Gulp Shrimp (And When To Use Each Method)

Want to see the three best ways to rig a Berkley Gulp shrimp for more strikes? Then check out this awesome new rigging video. Tight lines!
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