Shrimp Lures

The Power Prawn USA Junior Lure Is HERE! [New Lure]

The Power Prawn USA Junior lures are in stock and ready for some fun fish catching. See the video on this page to see these great lures.
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Skip Casting Shrimp Lure Under Docks For Redfish And Snook

This fun video shows how much fun skip casting a shrimp lure under docks can be for catching redfish and snook.
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Easy To Use Shrimp Lure For Big Redfish In Shallow Water

This video shows the easiest way to use a shrimp lure in shallow water for big redfish, snook, and seatrout [fun on-the-water video lesson]
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Artificial Shrimp Lure Analysis [Power Prawn VS. Vudu/Live Target/Etc.]

This video explains the top pros and cons of many of the top shrimp lures for saltwater anglers. You’ll see which lures to get for...
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Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Review [How to Rig & Underwater Demo Video]

In this review, Tony Acevedo reviews the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ, shows you how to rig them and how they look when you work the lure underwater.
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Searching For Redfish, Seatrout, & Snook [Negative Tide Exploration Trip]

Have you ever fished on a negative tide? If you are exploring new waters on a negative tide, the best way to pre-plan is...
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New Gulp! Shrimp Translucent Lures (Do They Actually Work?)

Have you gotten the chance to try the new Gulp! translucent shrimp lures? How effective are they for catching big fish? The truth is...
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This Is How To Catch Trout At The Jetty (Using The Power Prawn)

Do you want to start using the best shrimp lure out there? The Power Prawn can be extremely effective when fishing off a jetty for big...
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Inshore Saltwater Fishing Equipment Cheat Sheet [Rods, Reels, Lines, & Lures]

See the cheat sheet lessons showing the best fishing equipment for catching redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder from inshore fisheries.
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Chasebaits Flick Prawn: When To Use The Standard vs. Heavy Lure

Want to know when to use the regular vs. heavy Chasebaits Flick Prawn? One is better when the fish are spooky, while the other is better...
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3 Tips To Catch Fish With The Power Prawn Rigged Under A Popping Cork

Want to catch more redfish and trout with shrimp lures rigged under popping corks? These three tips can help take you from wondering why...
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How To Catch Bonnethead Sharks On Artificial Shrimp

Want to learn how to catch bonnethead sharks on artificial lures? It's hard, but it can be done! See how we got these sharks into a...
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How To Retrieve Shrimp Lures In Shallow Water (To Catch Tons Of Trout)

Want to catch more fish on shrimp lures this spring? Check this out to see where the trout bite is on fire right now and how you can...
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Introducing The Power Prawn Jr. Jigs (And How To Rig Them)

The Power Prawn Jr. jig bundle is ready for you! See how to rig these lures and where I've been catching the most fish with them here.
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How To Set The Hook With Shrimp Jigs (8 Fish Caught In 8 Casts)

Want to improve your hookup ratio? Setting the hook properly is one way to do that. Most people aren't doing it right, and it's stopping...
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