Searching For Redfish, Seatrout, & Snook [Negative Tide Exploration Trip]

Do you often explore new areas and fish new water that may be holding redfish, seatrout, or snook?

Have you ever fished on a negative tide?

Fishing new waters is exciting and can be rewarding, but it is important to stay on top of current trends and pre-plan your trips!

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Negative Tide Exploration Trip [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Negative tides can work in an angler’s favor for a few different reasons.

One of the reasons is fish are in shallow water and usually the water level is so low that the fish has no outlet to bigger, deeper bodies of water.

Boats have a hard time getting into the shallows on a low tide which is advantageous for kayak and paddlecraft anglers.

You are able to find fish that nobody else will be able to have access to.

It can also benefit you to try the mouth of whichever body of water you are fishing.

This is because a lot of the water is dumping out there which can include bait and game fish.

As the sun rises out of the early morning, it heats up the mud and creates warmer pockets in the shallows for fish to explore.

When the water is at low levels and the water clarity is high, the fish can be easily spooked.

Aim to use a light, weedless hook in this scenario so you don’t snag any grass up near mangroves.

Sight Fishing In Clear Water

Sight fishing in clear and calm water can be challenging but rewarding.

The key is to try to make out fish silhouettes in the water.

You want to try to anticipate the direction the fish are moving in order to present your lure in front of a fish’s face.

Fish are more willing to strike lures when they are presented in the ‘dinner plate’ just a few inches from their mouth.

Scented artificial lures can also help contribute to increase strikes.

Always be sure to check your leader after each fish you catch, especially if you fight in a snook.

You want to give your lure time to sink down to the bottom and utilize a slow, constant retrieve.


If you are fishing a negative tide, it allows you to predict fish behavior easier and you can locate fish based on the conditions and varying water levels in the shallows.

Fish will sit in potholes and especially during these next colder months, they will act lethargic and unmotivated to chase down bait.

Make sure to work your lures slowly and constantly over potholes and in the mud to hook into inshore slams this winter!

If you have any questions on this exploration trip, please let us know down in the comments!

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Lyle Crafton
2 years ago

What a Boss Red. Great info, I also liked how you included some of the challenges with the bite. It isn’t always a guarantee the fish will bite no matter what you do. Sometimes its just a slight change in the tide/water level. Some fishing videos seem to portray that if you’re skilled it’s a fish every cast. This was a good example of analyzing what wasn’t working to come up with a successful plan.

Rob S
2 years ago

Where were you guys? Texas? I heard bayou mentioned several times.


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