Weekly Newsletter: 2-7-21

It’s Newsletter time!

How did you do on the water this week?

To help you crush it this coming week, we’ve got some excellent fishing tips for you here, including:

  • How to rig frozen shrimp for snapper and other reef fish
  • The 3 best spots to catch big sheepshead
  • When you can throw topwater lures in the WINTER (yes, they can still be effective now!)
  • How to catch more fish around structure — and avoid the most common mistakes
  • How to catch spooky redfish (even after you scared them off)

Check out these tips and more in the Newsletter below!

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Fishing Inshore Structure w/Capt. Peter Deeks [Mini-Course]

In this comprehensive mini-course, Salt Strong Fishing Coach Capt. Peter Deeks is going to walk you through some awesome tips to help you increase your...
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Power Prawn Jr. Is Here! [New Product]

The Power Prawn Jr. is finally here! These deadly shrimp lures are similar to the standard Power Prawn, just a little smaller. See how to...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Feb 5th-7th]

This video shows a game plan that you can use to catch some great fish this coming weekend based on the recent trends and the...
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The Best Time To Throw Topwater Lures In WINTER

Have you tried throwing topwater lures in winter? Most of the time, it's not a good idea, but there is one scenario when topwater lures...
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Winter Sightfishing Trip For Redfish, Seatrout, and Black Drum [On-The-Water Trip Report]

This trip was one for the books! Some fun sight fishing opportunities with some quality fish. Started out as a pretty cold day but the...
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NEW Daiwa Procyon Inshore Spinning Reel (Limited Supply)

Looking for a high-performance inshore spinning reel? The procyon is a head-turner that's lightweight, has a long cast spool, and is...
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Top 3 Spots To Catch More Sheepshead This Winter

Want to catch more sheepshead? Then you've got to check out these 3 spots. They have everything sheepshead need, plus they're easy to...
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2 Ways To Rig FROZEN SHRIMP For Reef Fishing

Want to catch more fish while reef fishing? Check out the best way to rig frozen shrimp so they catch more fish and don't fall of the hook.
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How To Catch Spooky Fish (Even After You’ve Scared Them Off)

Have you ever accidentally spooked off fish right next to the boat? Learn how to catch them (and what not to do) in this video.
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Using Winter Winds To Find Trout [Insider Report – Tactics, Tips, Map + On the Water Footage]

Winter winds can definitely put a damper on a good day of fishing. Not only is it uncomfortable to be subject to 20-30mph gusts, it...
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The Best Spot For WINTER WADE Fishing (And How To Fish It)

Want to know where the best spot to wade fish in the winter is? Whether you're looking for redfish, trout, or black drum, this type of spot...
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The Biggest Mistake Anglers Make When Fishing Structure

Even if you're in the right spot, at the right time, using the right bait, this simple mistake will cause you to miss out on fish.
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Rigging the Power Prawn Shrimp on Owner Twistlock Hooks

It’s Power Prawn rigging time! We have had a few questions regarding whether or not you can rig our new Power Prawn Shrimp lure on...
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The Moral War Is On… Which Side Do You Fall On?

It's evident that there is a spiritual and moral war going on in our world. Which side are you on?
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How to Fish Docks in Slow/Weak Current

It’s dock fishing time! In this video you will see a great demonstration from Luke Simonds on how to effectively fish docks in weak or...
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