The Moral War Is On… Which Side Do You Fall On?

It might be less visible than a traditional war fought with guns and tanks, but there is a moral and spiritual war going on right now.

Look around and you’ll see it everywhere…

From the news to social media to our places of work to our places of worship.

We’re lost…

We’ve lost our mission…

We’ve lost our values…

We’ve lost our sense of where we are going and who and what we live for…

I can only imagine Satan is smiling as we continue to push God out of our schools, media, and lives…

I can only imagine Satan is loving when he sees “Christians” arguing and fighting amongst themselves on social media…

And I can only imagine Satan is feeling like he’s got the upper hand…

But God always prevails.

God wins.

Good wins.

My gut tells me it will get much worse before it gets better, but a revival of LOVE and a revival of JESUS is headed our way.

Enjoy this episode and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Moral War Is On… Which Side Do You Fall On? [PODCAST]

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Dale fluty
3 years ago

Thank you Joe. That took courage, guts and a true Spirit lead love and concern. I see, agree and I am proud of you for using your voice and platform for Him. God bless you.

Lyle Crafton
3 years ago

The Word details the end whether it’s in a year or a thousand, it’s in God’s time. For those that think this is bad go back through history and you’ll find far worse. The good news is it’s not our responsibility to “fix it.” Rather it’s to live a Christian life as a witness and glorify God through our gifts and ministries. Keep the faith, run the good race.

Gerald (Larry) Heissenbuttle
3 years ago

Joe thanks for your podcast. You are right that we are facing the biggest battle we ever will. The best thing for us is we know how the battle ends. That God will prevail, he will win and we get to reap the rewards. I want to thank you for standing up for Jesus. A lot of business people would not express their convictions for fear of repercussions. I say be Bold and great and mighty forces will come to your aid. Thanks for sharing your faith with us. God has blessed you and will continue to bless you and your family and the Salt Strong Nation.
Yours in the faith,
Larry Heissenbuttle

Jesse Blanchard
3 years ago

Joe, thank you for the podcast, I totally agree with you about what’s happening in the world today. Mathews 24 talks about this happening and it will get worsted but the the book of revelations clearly states what will happen,it’s all predicted who will be the victor. God will prevail! All that is happening in the world today is predicted and must take place before God’s kingdom is to come and there will be an end to all this evil and the way we fight back is in being close to Jesus and doing what is right and good and he will protect us. That is his promise. Thanks again, I was totally surprised to hear this from salt strong.

Brett Landon
3 years ago

Joe, I have loved watching your journey since I joined over two years ago. I was raised going to church. I served a two-year full-time mission for my church, and I’m raising my son to do the same. We are watching evil all around us but I know that it is the individual who triumphs. So, though we are more silent than ever, whether out of fear or force, I know who will prevail in the end. God bless!


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