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What is the trick to catching quality fish in the summer?

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  • Redfish CRUSH These 2 Lures in Murky Water
  • Top 3 Beach Fishing Mistakes
  • Why is fishing so addictive?
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How I Caught A SUPER SLAM Using This 1 Lure [Ozello, FL – Fishing Report]

You can't miss checking out how I caught a SUPER SLAM in Ozello!! In this video, you will get to see what types of structure and spots...
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The Trick To Catching Quality Fish In The Summer

It's time to shift our focus to summer and explain a quick trick to catching quality fish! In this video, we are talking about...
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Top 3 Beach Fishing Mistakes That Are Costing You Fish

Stop making these same beach fishing mistakes that are costing you fish!!! One of the many efforts of the Beach Fishing Course is to...
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Why Is Fishing So Addictive?

Why is fishing so addictive? What is it about fishing that has you 'hooked'? Fishing is a timeless activity that has...
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How I Caught The Biggest Trout Of My Life (While Wading)

A couple of weeks ago, I caught the biggest trout of my life! And to make it even sweeter, I was wade fishing. Check it all out right here...
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Father’s Day Tackle & Gear Bundle [Limited-Time Offer!!]

What better way to show appreciation for the Fathers in our life than the Salt Strong Father's Day Bundle!!! Everything included in the...
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Dialing In Areas to Fish With Various Structure [Bonita Springs Spot Dissection Request]

In this Finding Fish Lesson (aka Spot Dissection), we will be analyzing an area to fish from kayak from Lifetime Member Michael Ellis Jr. This...
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Kayak Tow Fishing Trip Through Ozello Backwaters [Fishing Report]

Last week, I went on a Kayak Tow Fishing Trip to Ozello, FL with Insider Member Darin OBrien. Never had I ever been towed out to fishing...
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