How I Caught A SUPER SLAM Using This 1 Lure [Ozello, FL – Fishing Report]


You can’t miss checking out how I caught a SUPER SLAM in Ozello!!

In this video, you will get to see what types of structure and spots I look for to reel in inshore spring saltwater slams.

Keep an eye out for cuts, coves, and points on your next fishing trip!

Check this out!!!


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When you get out to the spot you’ve circled to fish, oftentimes your focus can drift away from your original intentions.

Stay true to cuts, points, and coves with overhanging mangrove roots or a rocky ledge near seagrass.

These two general forms of structure seem to hold the most fish during this time of the year.

Keep your eye out on big mullet in the area that can indicate predatory fish are around you.

First thing in the morning, my objective is to powerfish and cover as much water as I can.

Snook or redfish like to hold close to exposed mangrove roots early in the morning hours as well.



Ozello Over Slot Red Gold Digger

Don’t question the power of a quality pre-plan!!!

If you have a pre-plan in mind prior to hitting the water and then make real-time adjustments in the present, you will waste no time in getting yourself on fish.

Remember to stay in tune with the current trends of your area to follow where the fish are!

Do you have any more questions about how I caught a SUPER SLAM?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Charles Rickolt
1 month ago

I have fish this area several times, and the deep channel just south of Charr Island always looks good on the smart spots, however I have been Unable to catch anything in that channel, have you had any luck there? And by the way, great video, one of the best.

patrick schill
10 months ago

What causes the snook to be farther off of the mangrove line during outgoing tide ?

edwin mcconnell
10 months ago

great job .I live near Ozello . I have a Gheenoe and this water looks shallow even for me .what kind of peddle drive do you have ? I am a member .

Roger Hansen
10 months ago

Now I’m really confused. It appeared to be a sunny and pretty calm day with very clear water. I would think the FRED or Slam Shady (2.0 or Bomber) would be the best lure to throw and the golddigger would be best for cloudy, little rough and murky water but you crushed them with that golddigger. ??????????

Roger Hansen
10 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Thanks, Justin. Great points. I always try to bring a full arsenal when I fish (SS, FRED, Al Leprechaun, & GD) but if I’m getting skunked I’ll try a pickle. HAHA!!!

Joseph Simonds
10 months ago

The Super Slam!!! Awesome job, Justin


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