2 Best Boots For Winter Kayak Fishing (That Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry)


Winter is one of my favorite seasons to kayak fish.

I love fishing back creeks during low tide where the fish are extra concentrated in the deep holes and you can catch them all day.

However, when the weather is cold, you can’t wear your sandals or go barefoot anymore — it’s too cold!

So in this video, I’m going to share my two favorite boots for kayak fishing to keep your feet warm and dry.

One pair is great for wading, while the other is more comfortable and great for staying in your kayak.

Let’s dive in!

Best Boots For Winter Kayak Fishing [VIDEO]

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Like I said earlier, I love fishing deeper pockets and creeks that hold redfish, trout, and flounder in the winter.

And to position myself to catch fish in these pockets, I often have to get out of my kayak and walk.

If I’m just walking over mud, it doesn’t matter which boot I wear, but if I’m walking over oyster bars, I always wear the Simms Zip-It Bootie II.

These boots are tough, so oysters won’t affect them, and they’re pretty secure around the ankle, so less water will get in.

However, they’re not very comfortable to wear long-term, so I always have another pair of boots on board with me.

Which leads me to the next pair I recommend — the Xtratuf Wheelhouse Ankle Deck Boot.

These are very comfortable, but not as durable as the Simms Zip-It Bootie II.

I’ve had oysters tear through them, so I’d advise not making the same mistake I did and walking over oyster bars with them.

They’re best for staying in your kayak or just walking over mud if you have to get out.

And finally, here’s a tip about sizing for these two shoes: the Simms Zip-It Bootie II runs about a size smaller, while the Xtratuf Wheelhouse Ankle Deck Boot runs true to size.



If you’re staying in your kayak, or just walking over mud, I recommend getting the Xtratuf Wheelhouse Ankle Deck Boot.

They’re very comfortable for a day of kayaking, but not as durable as my other favorite type of boot for kayaking — the Simms Zip-It Bootie II.

These are not as comfortable, but more waterproof, durable, and oyster-bar resistant.

Have any questions about these boots?

What are your favorite boots for kayak fishing?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who’s looking for boots to get this winter, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Sam Craparo
3 years ago

Have had good luck with Academy’s wader boots for wading and kayak use. Around $30.00 also have the front zipper version. A litter softer upper and easier to get on and off.

Landon Lamb
3 years ago

Wyatt, would these recommendations stay the same for someone in the Tampa FL area where it’s not as cold, but still cold enough not to want feet/legs wet in a kayak?

Any recommendations specific to this climate and for covering legs as well? This will be my first Tampa “Winter” fishing in my kayak. Any waterproof sock pairings to go with the shoes?

Landon Lamb
3 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

I mainly use PFG shorts, any longer fishing pants you would recommend?

David Ulgenalp
3 years ago

Wyatt- I’d suggest checking out Promate 5mm Dreadnought Hard Sole Scuba Boot available on Amazon for less than $50. They’re light and durable and reasonably priced. Best booties I’ve found by far and all I’ve used for the last several years after trying just about every other booties on the market.


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