This Is The Best Artificial Lure Color For Clear Water

What does a fish see when they look up at your lure above them during the day?

Does color play a role or is it more profile?

This can be a huge factor when choosing your lure color based on the conditions.

See the answers below!!

Best Artificial Lure Color For Clear Water [VIDEO]

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These lures were tested in clear water during sunny conditions to see which one stands out the most:

Slam Shady 2.0

The Slam Shady is somewhat noticeable under super clear conditions.

It doesn’t stand out too much looking up at the clear sky in the background.

It’s more of a subtle presentation in clear water to finicky fish.

F. R. E. D (Fooling Redfish Every Day)

It’s a little more noticeable than the Slam Shady.

Would work better in dirty or cloudy water conditions.

Gold Digger

The darkest colored paddletail.

It contrasts really well against the clear water and blue skies.

Because it stands out so much, it could potentially spook fish if you are using darker colors in clear water.

If the fish are being aggressive, this could be an easy way to grab their attention and get them to strike!


underwater lure color shift

If you are fishing in a school of baitfish or want to get the attention of aggressive fish, the gold digger will contrast against the clear and bright colors.

But, if the fish are finicky and skittish it might scare them away because of how noticeable it is.

In that case, grab the Slam Shady as it will not stand out as much and as a natural baitfish color.

And if the water is a little cloudy, grab the F.R.E.D. pink paddletail!

Lure color is important but if you have a light color, a dark color, and a color in the middle, you can set yourself up for more success!

Grab all 3 of these lures here:

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Andrew Publow
2 years ago

Awesome vid, thanks Tony!. How far away (horizontally) do you think fish can see each color? Would love to see some data around that too for clear and murky water at different depths.

James Wilson
2 years ago

I live in Texas and the water isn’t clear. I have found that lighter colored lures work better. Could you do a comparison in murky water?

Dr. Hank Roberts
2 years ago

In cloudy water of the Biloxi bay or other murky water areas, if I am fishing a paddle tail soft bait should I go very slow and bounce it off the bottom or should I do a faster retrieve and keep it off the bottom.

2 years ago

I’m not so sure that color matters, except in poker chips

Mike Maixner
2 years ago

When is the Bomber getting the Gold Digger and FRED treatment?

John Segelken
2 years ago

Great video, Tony. Where do the middle colors come in? Or the half n half’s (top darker, bottom light)?
When to try Houdini? Shad? Thanks

2 years ago

Great video Tony!!

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

Nice video Tony!

Good point on the Golddigger possibly being too contrasting and spooking skittish fish. The few times where I believe color makes a difference

Jack Dickerson
2 years ago

Great demonstration Tony. Thanks for the tip on using a dark bait in schooling bait fish.

Tommy Dee
2 years ago

Great presentation and really tells the story. Could you do the same presentation for murky water? Curious to know how that would look and the affects it will have on the fish.


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