The BEST Time To Use Shrimp For Inshore Fishing (Live & Artificial)


It’s shrimp time!!

Or is it?

Have you ever wondered when the best time to use shrimp is?

Yes, they can catch fish all year long, but there are some times when using shrimp is better than others.

In this video, I’ll reveal when those times are, plus how to work them to catch more fish.


When The BEST Time To Use Shrimp Is [VIDEO]

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Although shrimp can catch fish all year long, they are best in the winter for two reasons:

  1. Fish are lethargic because it’s too cold and they don’t feel like chasing down baitfish
  2. Many baitfish have moved offshore, so shrimp is the most abundant food source

In addition to them being good in wintertime, they’re also good in the dead of summer.

When it gets too hot, fish become lethargic as well, and will often prefer a slow-moving shrimp over a speedy baitfish.

And whether you’re fishing in the dead of winter or the dead of summer, it’s best to work the shrimp slowly.

This goes for both live and artificial shrimp.


how to rig a shrimp on a jighead

Whether it’s too hot, or too cold, fish love a slow-moving shrimp.

And in the dead of winter, there are more shrimp than there are baitfish, so this makes it a great time to use them.

Have any questions about using shrimp?

Let me know in the comments below!

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1 year ago

When do inlet waterway shrimp mature for netting?

Cj wallace
4 years ago

can anybody tell me how to catch shrimp in the winter time with a cast net. I always catch in the summer but the shrimp disappear in the winter. By the way I live in Savannah ga

Clark Weaver
4 years ago

I have always been told that shrimp migrate out of the bay systems in the winter, and while fish will pretty much eat shrimp anytime, mullet or other baitfish matches the hatch for winter. Is that not true?

Steven Free
4 years ago

Not to get off the subject but you guys are funny this video Joe had his name on it and was supposed to do it but you did instead also the next video about flounder you have your name on it but Luke did it instead anyways no matter both were good and informative and although I do use artificial shrimp in the winter I did not know that is the best time because here in northeast fl the shrimp run usually starts in early Sept to about early Oct depending on how much rain we get here so that’s when I thought it would be best because after the fall run they head out to sea and are not as prevalent as during the run I only use them during winter as kind of a last resort bait if I can’t get them on anything else but I guess I should change that considering it does make sense that even in winter since the fish are slow why wouldn’t they hit a shrimp it’s slow and as we all know everything eats shrimp so they probably don’t care if most are gone anyway they are fish and don’t think like we humans do anyways thanks for the tip and of coarse all you do,????

Richard Rudd
4 years ago

Wondering about a forward moving presentation on a shrimp vs. a backward, retreating, defensive presentation. Has anyone found any significant difference? Also, thoughts about a mid-water popping cork vs. jigging along the bottom type of retrieve? Thanks for any thoughts or insights y’all might have!

Frank Sant
4 years ago

I don’t fish as much during the winter months in Florida but that will change. I’ll head out one day this month and see what I can catch using shrimp. Thanks for the tip Tony.

Thomas Campbell
4 years ago

Good video man! What artificial shrimp do you prefer

Steven Free
4 years ago

Hey the chasebaits flick prawn in jelly color you can order them online they are tough as he’ll and extremely lifelike about 10 bucks a lure but well worth it slather it with some shrimp scented procure and slowly crawl it on the bottom by oysters or docks twitch it once in a while and hang on because chances are a red or trout or flounder will hit it don’t know about snook very few in northeast fl Jacksonville where I live and fish but I’m sure if they are there they will hit it to works for me good luck ????


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