Casting Lures VS. Live Bait (#1 Issue Among Inshore Anglers)

Lures VS. Live Bait – what are the right casting techniques for either approach?

The #1 issue I see among inshore saltwater anglers is casting.

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Artificial Lures

To begin, you need to perform a different casting motion with a lure than you do live bait.

With lures, you don’t have to worry about it flying off the hook.

You want to create speed in the tip section of the rod to propel the lure forward.

I always use the Dart Cast method.

The core premise is to have your bottom hand on the butt section and your top hand on the reel seat.

You need to use both hands to cast – don’t use only one hand!

To cast, load the rod over your shoulder and pull your bottom hand in tight to your body while your front hand flicks forward.

Then you’re able to shoot the lure out wherever you want.

Live Bait

When it comes to casting live bait, you do need to be careful not to lose the bait on your casts.

If you perform the same cast with live bait as you should with artificial lures, the fast whipping motion will likely cause the bait to fly right off your hook.

With live bait, you want to load the rod up slowly and perform a long arching throw.

You won’t cast as far as artificial lures, but this will protect your baits and keep them secure to the hook.

BONUS: Lures That Are Heavier Than The Rod Specs

If you are fishing with lures that weigh more than the rod is weighted for, then you want to treat it like live bait.

In this case, the concern would be to avoid breaking your rod.

For heavy lures, load the rod behind you and perform the same long, arching throw.

If you try the dart cast method with overweight lures, it puts the rod in a high-sticking situation that puts the rod at risk of breaking.

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Keith Swilley
9 hours ago

Luke, you are 100% correct. I do exactly what you describe when fishing lures and live bait.
I’ve been so busy this spring, I’ve not done any fishing.
My wife and I have trip next week.
When we get back, I’ll be fishing a lot. 🎣🎣

Darcy Lloyd
20 hours ago

Good advice as always Luke! I have two ideas to share. One I got from a Bill Dance episode years ago. I call it “Don’t leave two inches, don’t use two feet” when casting a lure. This refers to how much line you have between lure and rod tip when you cast. This is all about getting good momentum in the backswing for a good throw forward. I like to have 12-15 inches of line at that point. Number two, when casting live bait with a cork on a spinning setup. As you are watching the rig to start arching down into the water, at the last few seconds feather that line with a little tension and that will straighten out the presentation. You will see that it worked as intended when the bait drops behind the cork. Tight lines everyone!

William Hull
2 days ago

Luke thanks for talking to me about left hand placement at the open house.

Tom Annunziata
3 days ago

Not sure of how I’ve been casting. I will be more conscious of how I present bait and lures.

3 days ago

Very good advice. On crowded days you sometimes have to find new ways to cast.

Eduardo Ramos
4 days ago

Excellent advice will put it to use on next trip!

Thomas Utley
5 days ago

Good video and presentation of it Luke, thought the demonstration was awesome for the trout to make its debut on film … Good job and well done … !

Tim DiCicco
5 days ago

Great info,ty!

Eric Allen
5 days ago

Thanks Luke, that explains why my live shrimp go flying

paul collins
5 days ago

yeah that balcony cast was pretty insane – nice video, this opens my eyes to some issues i have had


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