Two Tricks To Catch More Fish In Dirty Water And High Winds

What can you possibly do to catch more fish in dirty water and high winds?

As we move into late spring and early summer, we sometimes experience super windy days that make it hard to find feeding fish.

So how can you find success on the most unfishable of days?

Check out the answers right here!!

Tricks To Catch More Fish In Dirty Water & High Winds [VIDEO]

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Especially in dirty water, it can be tough to catch the attention of fish that you may be able to see in the water.

Larger Presentations

We have been emphasizing the use of smaller lure presentations for spring and early summer.

On clear and calm days, these presentations work well because that is what the fish are dialed in on.

But if the weather turns windy and the water becomes dirty, predators may fail to notice your presentations and it can be hard in itself to even get those presentations out in front of fish.

Oftentimes, your presentation will just end up a few feet in front of you as a result of your cast dying in the wind.

To combat this, a larger shrimp or paddletail presentation is the way to go.

Our favorite choice for these conditions is the 5-inch Slam Shady BOMBER Paddletail.

The Bomber is heavy enough to cut through the wind and it creates a thunderous vibration in the water.

Furthermore, paddletails are usually your best bet on super windy days.

Paddletail lures send off waves of vibration that give away their location to fish whereas other lures may go unnoticed.

In between the gusts of wind and dirty water, the fish is keen on something creating vibration in the water.

Additional Scents

Adding extra scent to your lure presentations can help fish detect your lure in the midst of murky, dirty water.

Our go-to scent is Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam Scent for its ability to stick to lures and give off scent for a longer time all the while catching the most fish.

The goal is for nearby fish to pick up on the trail of the scent or if they are unsure of what they see in front of them, the scent will confirm that they perceive what is to be their next meal.

We recommend using additional scent even on calmer days but the extra scent will especially help you catch more fish on windy days.

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Just because it is windy and the water is dirty, that doesn’t mean the fish won’t be biting!

Be sure to use presentations that will stand out and create extra attraction like larger paddletail lures enhanced with additional scents.

Head over to our online tackle shop to pick up Slam Shady BOMBERS and Dr. Juice if you don’t have them already!!

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Do you have any more questions about tricks to catch more fish in dirty water and high winds?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
9 months ago

I know Tony suggests using the gold digger in dirty water and I usually use the gulp root beer gold with a chartruese tail and always use a piece of fish bites on all my jigs or spinnerbaits and or spoons and if it’s not a gulp bait I use procure in variable scents like shrimp scent for shrimp lures on my spinnerbaits either flounder pounder if going after flounder or inshore scent on my plugs if it’s a top water like the moonwalker either inshore scent or mullet and for my subsurface that’s usually imitating a pilchard I use menhaden and I mix the dr juice with the procure because in my opinion procure sticks better the dr juice seems to just run off but mixed with procure it sticks well thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Keith Weber
9 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions Wyatt.

Raleigh Grizzle
9 months ago

What about high pressure days 


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