3 Tips To Catch Big Redfish And Trout Around Heavy Structure


Do you fish a lot around rocks and oyster beds?

If you avoid these spots because you’re afraid of getting hung up or losing a lure, you are missing out!

Heavy structure is a great area to target in the Spring because the fish have FEEDING on the brain.

With the new season comes new baitfish and shrimp that like to congregate around this structure and you know what that means: predator fish are ready to attack!

In this video, you’ll learn the best way to fish around heavy structure and what tackle to use.

Check it out below!

Catching Big Redfish And Trout Around Heavy Structure [VIDEO]

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Here are some of my favorite lures to use around heavy structure:

Determine Current Flow

Knowing which way the current is flowing is a key factor in presenting your bait.

Predator fish point their nose facing into the current so when baitfish or shrimp are being carried through the current, they can easily pick them off.

It’s an easy meal!

Get Close To The Rocks

Try to fish as close as possible to the structure.

As the bait is carried over the rocks or oysters, the fish are waiting.

Predator fish are typically eating close to the rocks therefore you want to get your lure right there at the rocks too.

This is where people get nervous about getting snagged and losing tackle, but there are solutions to every problem!

Check out these options to fish structure like a pro:

Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Topwater

If predator fish are staged down current and the crustacean patterns are not working, I switch to a topwater and work that lure just over the submerged rocks.

A walk the dog retrieve on these lures will have you seeing action quickly from big redfish and trout.

Here are some of my favorite topwater lures:


catching redfish around structure

Fishing around heavy structure in the Spring can be highly productive.

And if you want to do more catching than snagging, then you need to equip yourself with the right tackle and the right techniques.

Here are some of my favorite lures when fishing structure:

Do you have proven tactics for fishing around rocks and oyster beds?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who often fishes these types of area, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Michael Smith
3 years ago

Thanks Wyatt…going out tomorrow and will try these tips in Christmas Bay and Bastrop Bay TX

Randall Murphree
3 years ago

Wyatt, Can you do a spot dissection of East Galveston Bay?

3 years ago

Good tips. Suspension(twitch baits) work well too around edges of bar in 2 to 4 ft of water

3 years ago

Great hints, ideas. I knew some of this. But great lesson. Thanks, Tom W. Naples, Fl

John Fusselman
3 years ago

What hooks Did you use on the power prawn. Is that a mustad? Did you keep the hook close to the body to make it seedless or did you bury the point in the prawn?

Mike Connelly
3 years ago

Good Job Wyatt! Thank you…. do you use the top water on sunny days or just cloudy and early mornings, late afternoons…?


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