How To Catch Speckled Trout (In ANY State)


It’s speckled trout time!

Trout in Florida, Texas, the Carolinas, and everywhere in between, are more alike than they are different.

They all have similar feeding habits, fears, and desires.

But there are a few subtle differences to catching them in different areas, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this podcast.

Salt Strong Fishing Coach, Wyatt, grew up catching trout in Florida, now lives in Carolina, and is about to move to the speckled trout capital of the US.

In this episode, he’s breaking down:

  • The best speckled trout lures
  • How to catch GATOR trout (these are entirely different beasts than your average trout)
  • How to find huge schools of trout for nonstop action
  • Similarities and differences of catching trout in every state
  • And much more

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How To Catch Speckled Trout [VIDEO]

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How To Catch Speckled Trout [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from my conversation with Wyatt about how to catch speckled trout:

2:05 – Why you don’t need a fancy boat to catch tons of fish

4:10 – The mindset you need to become a good fisherman

6:30 – Where to catch trout in the Carolinas

12:11 – How water clarity affects trout fishing

15:52 – Where to catch trout in Florida

23:26 – Where in the water column trout feed (no matter where they live)

28:18 – Using live bait vs. lures for trout

33:42 – How to catch trout in Texas

38:30 – How anybody can get really good at catching fish

41:28 – How to catch gator trout (best spots, baits, times, and more)

51:26 – How to quickly step up your trout game


topwater mistakes

No matter where you’re fishing, speckled trout really just want two things:

  1. Eat
  2. Not get eaten

Areas with depth change, structure, and bait are great types of spots to catch fish.

If you want to follow Wyatt on his journey and see how a Carolina boy learns how to catch fish in Texas, join us in the Insider Club!

Like we mentioned in the podcast, the strategies we teach work anywhere you can find fish like redfish, trout, flounder, or snook.

Have any questions about catching speckled trout?

Let us know down in the comments.

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3 years ago

The vid was very informative – especially the stuff on how trout feed and strike.

But Joe, you did it again. You and I have had several conversations about how SS seems to be focused on the beautiful clear waters of West Florida and almost never talk about the mid-gulf. This time was no different. Maybe Texas, yes, but not Louisiana/Mississippi. We have very unique conditions here – a lot of very shallow water which is almost always muddy.

The title was “How to Catch Specs in ANY state, Bro. But we got no specific information on the Mississippi Gulf Coast or Louisiana. You even listed where all your members are now, starting with Florida, Texas, NC, etc., and listed Mississippi last.

We’re feeling neglected.

Tony Acevedo
3 years ago

Hey Peter!

Thank you for the feedback! We will be sure to add more spot dissections from the Mississippi area. I also just posted a new spot dissections yesterday for Alabama which is pretty similar. Also be sure to check out any reports I post, as most of the water I fish is murky with no sea grass. Here is a link to that spot analysis I put together yesterday:

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago

Hey Peter, I made a spot dissection for you this week in MS! As you’ll see, these are the same concepts I use in TX, and used in the Carolinas.

MS is no different from any other fishery other than it’s geographic location. The behavior of gamefish is still the same, so I would highly reccomend watching other spot dissections even if they aren’t in your area. That being said, we will incorporate more dissections to the MS area:

Spring Slam Spots (Bay St. Louis, MS – Spot Dissection)

Dawson Fayard
3 years ago

Is there a Mississippi coach yet?

Joe B
3 years ago

To Wyatt,
We Texas members welcome you to the Texas Gulf Coast.
Two words:
Cedar Bayou.
Check it out!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Joe B

I absolutely will! Thanks for the big head’s up!!!

Alan Peltzer
3 years ago

There is also a fairly reliable speckled sea trout fishery in parts of Maryland during the right time of the year.

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Alan Peltzer

This is true! Lots of big breeders are caught in VA and Maryland in late fall through Early winter. I wanted to head up there this year to get in on the action but COVID spoiled my plans… next time!

Christopher Lara
3 years ago

Just listened this morning, you’re absolutely right about wading here in TX. Lots of times I kayak out to where I plan to fish and get out and wade. Welcome to Texas!, I am looking forward to seeing more spot dissections in the area. Like many of the other folks I am also located in Corpus

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago

Thank you for the warm welcome Chris! I’ll have more reports up this week, so stay tuned! Hopefully I’ll see you out on the water soon!

Barry French
3 years ago

Good podcast, enjoyed it. Lots of good tips to use here in SW Florida.
One negative – Every 3-4 minutes a banner came up at the bottom of the page “Defend NRA against anti-gun politicians, Join NRA”. Very distracting! I Xed it out every time but I know you don’t accept sponsors so I don’t know why we have to tolerate a constant repeating ad 15 times or more during the podcast.

Kerry Moore
3 years ago

Welcome Wyatt,
I have been in Corpus for 21 years. Excited to have your input and reports coming our way. I fish with friends in Baffin and all the way to the land cut. My boat and slip are in Aransas Pass so most of my fishing, is in Red Fish Bay, Estes Flats, Ingelside and Corpus Christi Bay. Again, welcome to South Texas!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Kerry Moore

Awesome! I live right on Redfish Bay! We’ll have to hit the flats together soon!

Glenn Acomb
3 years ago

Excellent podcast! Wyatt, best wishes for the move to Texas and lots of gator trout. Thanks to you two for an informative set of messages to remind me of strategies for big trout.

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Acomb

Thank you very much Glenn! More tips to come soon!

Edward Librick
3 years ago

Wyatt, YOU ARE LEAVING THE CAROLINAS?? WOW, I am going to miss your reports!! BEST WISHES ON YOUR NEW MOVE. You are an awesome coach and there are going to be big shoes to fill in the coaching staff in the Carolinas. I would say best of luck but you do not rely on luck in fishing and in your life choices. Best Wishes.

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Edward Librick

Thank you big time Ed!!!

Keith Carr
3 years ago

Well I live in Corpus Christi, also an insider member. give me a shout if you want to go chase some gators especially down south. Lower Laguna Madre. Also fly fishing. I have a Chittum full carbon tunnel hull. Welcome to TX!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Keith Carr

Absolutely! I’ve got some trips planned down there next month! Feel free to email me with the weekends that you’re available to fish and maybe we can meet up and fish together!


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