This Is The Difference Between Circle Hooks & Inline Hooks


What is the biggest difference between a circle hook and an inline replacement hook?

The answer is super important because if you use the wrong hook on your hard baits, you won’t catch fish.

So in this video, you’ll learn the difference between the two styles of hooks and why it’s crucial for your success.

Check it out below!

Circle Hooks Vs Inline Hooks [VIDEO]

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There may be confusion between circle hooks and inline replacement hooks.

And you’ll want to know the difference when you change out the hooks on your topwater lures or suspending plugs.

If you put a circle hook on your hard baits, you are going to miss a lot of fish.

That’s because the eye on a circle hook is turned perpendicular to the shank of the hook.

And the point of the hook faces directly back towards the shank of the hook.

The hook would be turned to the side because of the orientation of the eye if you replaced your hard bait hooks with circle hooks.

On a replacement inline hook, the eye is in line with the shank of the hook.

So when you use inline hooks on your topwater lures, the hooks can face to the front or to the back of the lure.

Here are the hooks I used for this video:

Have any questions about replacing your hooks on topwater lures?

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Gregory Thebeau
1 month ago

Tony, very concise and informative.

Mark Ethridge
1 month ago

Good info Tony. Hopefully most folks pay attention to the information in the shop when purchasing the hooks in the Salt Strong Tackle site.


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