Heavy Duty Dry Bag For Fishermen [Gear Safety Tip]

For those of us who spend a lot of time in saltwater environments, it’s essential to be able to keep our valuable equipment protected from the elements.

This is especially true for electronics (cameras, phones, etc.) since even the slightest exposure to saltwater can cost hundreds of dollars in damage.

One easy and affordable solution is to use a good dry bag like the one featured below because it can keep everything in it completely dry even if drenched with water or if it falls overboard.

Best of all, these dry bags can hold a lot of gear while also folding down into a small pack when not in use for easy storage on a kayak or small skiff.

Here’s a quick video featuring one that has proven to be effective:

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If you don’t yet have an easy way to keep your equipment and gear protected from saltwater, make sure to get one of these dry bags.

These easy to use foldable bags do a great job keeping contents protected, and they are especially nice for those of us who fish from kayaks and small skiffs since they can be sized based on needs.

If you’ve found any other dry bags like this that you like, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Tight Lines!

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2 years ago

I took a Sea Line ‘dry’ bag wade fishing today. Only the bottom 1/4 got wet hanging from my belt, and yet water leaked inside. Interestingly – & this makes me think it was a devil’s curse thing happening – I had three totally closed ziploks inside the bag with my wallet, keys, & phone. Water got inside each of these also. I wrote it off as just a bad day.

William Bigane
2 years ago

cant find the bag via the link or in the site store

Kavik Kiwalik
2 years ago

clinked on link to buy the bag, took to site with nothing listed for buying bag just member sign in

john segelken
2 years ago

Love these bags. Does everything as described. Mine is by a company called Earth Pak and I take it when boating so I always have essential items like a first aid kit, rain jacket etc… My only complaint? The first item I want out of the bag is always, ALWAYS at the bottom. That’s life.

Desmond Muir
2 years ago

What’s a great rod to pair a Saltiga LD50 2 speed with.

Rick Leyh
2 years ago

I bought one a few weeks back and have been using it ever since for my boat and shore fishing where I have to walk a ways. It’s a handy, efficient way to carry lure boxes, jackets and so on. I highly recommend it.

Jeffrey Wilson
2 years ago

Thanks for the review Wyatt! I just ordered 2, I do a lot of camping out of my kayak and I’ve been looking for some new ones that can take the abuse.

David Borden
2 years ago

I have a mustang inflatable life belt attached to the outside of mine….Just in case I get dumped and come up 30 to 50 ft from my rig (all attachments fail) as its moving away from me….I am a strong swimmer, but even strong swimmers get cramps.

Joseph Gill
2 years ago

Fantastic for a kayak. Can you advise what size bag you used in the video please. It would be perfect on my Hobie. Many thanks.

Joseph Gill
2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thank you Wyatt.


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