Ultimate Father’s Day 2023 Tackle Bundle (Limited Supply!!)

The Ultimate Father’s Day 2023 Tackle Bundle is HERE!!

This is the BIGGEST Father’s Day Sale we have ever done!

Check out what’s inside below!!

Father’s Day 2023 Tackle Bundle [VIDEO]

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➡Get the Ultimate Father’s Day 2023 Tackle Bundle

Every year, we do a BIG Father’s Day sale.

This year, the entire bundle is 50% OFF.

The MSRP on all the items included is $179.07 – but Insider Members only pay $89.54 on top of FREE shipping!!!

Non-Insiders also get a reduced price on the bundle (37.5% OFF).

What’s Inside???

The first item is one of our brand-new Blackout Camo Salt Strong Hats.

You’ll also receive a big 3×5 Salt Strong flag and a small kayak flag.

When it comes to the lures and tackle included, this has everything you need to catch BIG fish in shallow water.

The first lure in the bundle is another new addition to the shop – the Skinny Lipper!

Redfish, seatrout, and snook can’t get enough of this lure so far.

Next up, the Moonwalker.

Every inshore angler should have one of those in their everyday tackle box.

Then we’ve got the necessary rigging hooks for soft plastic lures from Hoss.

Hoss Helix Hooks in both the 3/0 and 4/0 weighing 1/8 oz. are included.

These hooks have a wide hook gap and centering pin to easily rig lures up and generate more strikes.

Battle Rattles are also in this bundle to add more attraction and noise to your soft plastics.

As far as the soft plastic lures go, we’ve included just about every single one of our top-selling lures.

We’ve included the Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad, Slam Shady BOMBER, Gold Digger 2.0, F.R.E.D. 2.0, Slam Shady 2.0, Gold Digger BOMBER, F.R.E.D. the Jerk, Slam Shady Jerk Shad, and our top-selling lure in both the original and Junior, the Power Prawn U.S.A.

We’ve got 60 bundles ready to GO – and that is all!

First come, first serve!!

Soft Plastic Lure Rigging Tips

When it comes to matching the right hooks with soft plastic lures, you want to match the hook to the size of the lure.

The 3/0 Hoss Helix Hooks are best used with 3.5-inch lures or smaller.

The 4/0 Hoss Helix Hooks are best paired with any of the 5-inch lures or larger.

Jerk Shads included in this bundle pair well with either hook size depending on what you are targeting.

➡Get the Ultimate Father’s Day 2023 Tackle Bundle

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Get your bundle while supplies last!!

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Ronald Peedin
5 months ago

I just need time to go fishing

Anthony Cook
5 months ago

Excellent bundle 👌

Fred Spath
5 months ago

Good stuff,I have most of everything there. I will be ordering some kicker crab lures . Can’t seem to find any.

Barry Turner
5 months ago

This is a awesome bundle but, I ordered the previous bundle and 2skinny Lipper lures to complete my necessities for a trip in the fall.🐟🐠

David Bankston
5 months ago

That’s a great package! Too bad I have already purchased all those tackle items… LOL. Somone who is looking to stock their tackle bag would be crazy not to take advantage of the deal…

Freddie Pope
5 months ago

Luv the idea but how would the wife shop and not see my cart. I don’t need to be found out just yet, lol


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