How To Find More Inshore Fishing Spots (Training #1)


It’s podcast time!

Last month we had 600 new members join our Insider Club (so if you haven’t joined, you’re missing out!) and they’ve been asking a ton of excellent questions.

Questions like:

  • How do you find good fishing spots when the weather is totally opposite of what you were expecting?
  • How do you read the water to know if you’re in a good spot?
  • What’s the best type of structure to find redfish?
  • How do you catch fish during slack tide?
  • What’s the best way to find fish after a cold front?
  • How can you use the wind to your advantage?

Conveniently, these are pretty much the same questions everyone has when they join the Insider Club, and Luke and Tony have already answered these in a Q&A video.

The thing is, we have so many reports and articles, that classic videos like this are being buried!

So this week we’re bringing back some of these awesome conversations from Luke and Tony on the podcast.

Today we have Training #1, talking all about Inshore Fishing Spots, and later this week we’ll have Training #2, sharing Inshore Fishing Pro Tactics.

You can listen to this episode about fishing spots by clicking the play button below, on iTunes or Stitcher, or you can watch the video below.

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How To Find More Inshore Fishing Spots [PODCAST]

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How To Find More Inshore Fishing Spots [VIDEO]

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It’s so important to remember that spots are static, but fish move.

The season, weather, wind, moon, tide, and so many other factors determine where the fish will be, so it’s important to learn what the trends are if you want to consistently catch fish.

In our Insider Club, we’re always talking about the trends that are going on right now, and there are reports being posted every day all across the southeast, so if you want to catch more fish than you ever thought possible, join the Insider Club today by clicking here.

Have any other questions about fishing spots?

Let us know in the comments below!

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