This Is How You Get Your Wife To Love Fishing As Much As You

By: Joseph Simonds on July 5, 2019
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The only thing better than spending a day on the water…

Is spending a day on the water with loved ones.

But the truth is, there’s a good chance that you like fishing more than your wife or girlfriend.

It can be frustrating at times, but here’s the good news:

Women are the fastest growing sector of new anglers.

That means more and more women are fishing every day.

Is your woman part of that group?

If not, I’m glad you’re here!

We have Capt. Leiza Fitzgerald on the podcast today to talk about how to get women hooked on fishing.

She also talks about:

  • Her go-to lure that she never leaves home without
  • What women can do to make their time on the water more enjoyable
  • What to never do when you’re a guest on someone’s boat
  • How to save the environment and entertain kids at the same time
  • Why men typically fish more than women (and how to get women to love fishing)
  • How good communication skills can help you have more fun on the water (and what those communication skills are!)

And much more!

You can listen to it by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes or Stitcher.


How To Get Your Wife (Or Girlfriend) To Love Fishing As Much As You! [PODCAST]

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So here’s our challenge to you:

Take the woman in your life out fishing, practice the communication skills mentioned in this podcast, and have a great day on the water together.

Also, share this with her so she can do her part to set you two up for success.

But before you go fishing, support Capt. Leiza Fitzgerald and help save the environment by joining CCA’s STAR tournament, and becoming a member of CCA at the links below:

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