How To Blacken Fish (Butter vs. Olive Oil Challenge)


Ali vs. Frazier…

Florida vs. Florida State…

Redfish vs. Snook…

There are many great rivalries in life, but when it comes to the kitchen, one rivalry rules them all…

Olive Oil vs. Butter 

In this video, this rivalry takes it’s talents to the cast iron skillet, where we’re finally deciding whether you should use olive oil or butter to blacken fish.

Watch the video below for the decision.

How To Blacken Fish (BUTTER vs OLIVE OIL) [VIDEO]

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Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any sudden urges for blackened fish caused by the viewing of this video.

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Butter vs. Olive Oil

blackened fish butter vs olive oil

Although both tasted delicious, I give butter the slight edge here.

It came off of the cast iron skillet easier and helped the fish stay more intact.

However, if you have allergies, are watching your cholesterol, or prefer healthier fats, then using olive oil is a fine choice and tasted very similar to butter.


Which do you prefer?

Olive oil or butter?

Have any questions about blackening fish?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Kevin Madden
6 days ago

You might consider grape seed oil, it has one of the highest flash points, so if you want to get it really hot, that is a better choice. I love the flavor butter and oil add, but if your serious about getting the skillet hot, you want an oil that will accommodate higher temperatures. You could spoon on some melted better after it has cooked!

Andy LP
1 month ago

Nice job explaining the process. I am new to blackening fish, but it really looks easy. Thanks.

Jeffery Sans
2 years ago

I use butter in the pan and olive oil on the fish with the blackened seasoning. You forgot to mention that the pan has to be VERY hot. By the way, excellent choice in blackened seasoning brand.

2 years ago

Now I crave some blackened dolfin

Kim Landry
2 years ago

The best way to sear or blacken anything is to use a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of REAL butter & olive oil. The olive oil helps to keep the butter from burning & the butter taste is obviously better!????

Doug Evans/Carrabelle
2 years ago

Hi, just a few thoughts. Dry your fillets on paper towels to remove all excess water. I use avocado or grape seed oil from Costco in the pan with some butter to a high temp, add spices, fresh lemon, etc. dry white wine? Add fish and cook to the down side is well blackened and flip. Olive oil is actually a fairly heavy flavor and covers fish taste vs other oils. Love both alternative oils, deep fry fantastic and cheaper than peanut oil, same high flashpoint. Also, love half shell cooked fish. Try half shell redfish on the grill spiced anyway you want, low cal, never any left over!!

2 years ago

I’m sure you have tried it, but I cook all my blackened fish on the half shell. Im not sure why, it just seems to taste better to me

Jay Feltz
2 years ago

What is the name of your outdoor kitchen cast iron cooking disc?

Roger Bonifield
2 years ago

Wrong place for this comment, but I’m hoping you have an answer, because there was no place to leave a comment on your most recent post about the “braid cutting pliers”. Please say it ain’t so, Joe. Saw your post about the split ring/braid cutting pliers at mid day on the first day of the post, and they are sold out. How can this be. Hope you get more in asap. Please keep me informed.

Dave Naegele
2 years ago

I have settled in on a tablespoon of clarified butter and good olive oil together in a cast iron skillet for this type of frying. Clarifying the butter raises its’ smoke point and rids the butter on impurities. If I’m doing more of a powered fish fry I’ll use peanut oil, enough to float the fillets, again in a cast iron skillet.


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