How To Catch An Inshore Slam In New Waters (Without A Boat)


This intel is priceless!

Have you ever traveled to a new city or state and wanted to catch redfish and inshore slams?

In this new episode, we team up with author and YouTube creator John Skinner where he shares exactly how he dialed in the Florida flats and mangroves even though he’s from New York.

Listen in as John shares his frustrations, what’s different, what’s the same, and how he was finally able to dial in the redfish (and tarpon, snook, trout, grouper) in a brand new area.

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Inshore Slams In New Waters [VIDEO]

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Inshore Slams In New Waters [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 2:50 – How to become a successful angler quickly in new waters
  • 4:40 – Here’s how to find current and a channel
  • 5:09 – Try to find structure like mangroves
  • 6:39 – Turning off your sonar around spooky fish
  • 7:21 – Know when to move
  • 8:25 – Current, deeper water, birds, bait, mangroves = recipe for success
  • 8:57 – Two lures you must have on your kayak
  • 11:15 – Dolphins push the fish closer into structure and how to react to them
  • 12:15 – The one lure that will catch basically everything
  • 13:28 – Do you need live bait to catch fish?
  • 16:15 – Fish around points and move around
  • 16:41 – Give a spot a little break if the bite dies down and come back to it; it works!
  • 17:15 – Always take into account the environmental changes in an area
  • 18:05 – Using the Heddon Super Spook anywhere you are
  • 19:10 – Shallow water tips you must hear
  • 22:13 – Water temperature’s effect on fishing
  • 23:45 – This popular northern lure crushes fish down south
  • 24:19 – Understanding tides in your region is incredibly important
  • 25:43 – The most universal lure in the world
  • 26:23 – Grouper fishing in the Everglades
  • 27:48 – Northern gear does transfer over to fishing in other areas
  • 29:08 – Drifting your kayak and using a trolling motor to catch big grouper

You can get all of John’s courses here:

John Skinner Mastery Courses


how to catch redfish in unfamiliar water

Even when you’re in unfamiliar territory, you can catch an inshore slam (and much more)!

You just have to bring the right lures, understand the tides and current flow, and key in on finding structure.

Do you have a success story when fishing in a new place?

Have any questions about how to fish in new waters?

Let us know about it down in the comments!

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4 months ago

Loved loved loved this video! John, you are awesome!

Raymond Meyers
4 months ago

Another great and informative video thank you John! Could not find a gear list in the youtube info or this blog…can I trouble you to post the list of gear used including the rod & reel? Thank you!

Marvin stubbs
4 months ago

Rod/reel setup

Ed Librick
4 months ago

John great video, again. I have one question about using the bucktail. Do you always use a curly tail grub on the bucktail?

A Rollins
4 months ago

John, didn’t you say that you had retired in 2020 on your YouTube channel?

Last edited 4 months ago by Andrew Rollins
Joe Lorah
4 months ago

When I moved from upstate NY six years ago, I transferred my knowledge of Fishing, so I thought. After joining Salt Strong I gained tears of knowledge in just months. And after becoming an insider member, we’ll what can I say short of amazing! This was truly a walk down memory lane and the information shared by John I’m sure helped many. Great broadcast!

Mark Sobkoviak
4 months ago

That was a great lesson. Great info about tides, current, wind, birds, electronics, and other boaters! Being new to salt water and fishing the Corpus area of Texas, I need to rethink where I fish a little better. We always have wind here and it is effecting the current more than I thought. Thanks

Pablo Diaz
4 months ago

Great information and information – really enjoyed it !!

Mark Williams
4 months ago

So—- turn the electronics off when you are “stealth” fishing? Haven’t heard this before, but makes sense.

4 months ago
Reply to  Mark Williams

Yep! Lots of great intel in this video/podcast


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