Why Should You Use A Light Jighead In The Winter?


Why should you opt to use a light jighead in winter?

What do you stand to gain from using lighter tackle in the winter?

If you want to reel in more fish now before spring rolls in, then check this out!!

Light Jighead In The Winter [VIDEO]

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Sometimes, it is in your best interest to use lighter jigheads and tackle in the winter in tandem with the conditions out on the water.

For example, if the current is strong enough to carry your lures, switching to a lighter jighead can create a more natural presentation.

Ultimately, you just need to make sure your lure is falling all the way down to the bottom and you have just enough tension on the line to react if a fish strikes.


Depending on the conditions around you, switching to a light jighead and using the current or wind to enhance your presentation can increase the number of strikes you get.

Just remember you want to make sure the lure is all the way at the bottom and you have just enough tension in the line to feel a bite and set the hook.

On some trips, it can be best to simplify your tackle and use your surroundings as an advantage!

Do you have any more questions on switching to a light jighead in winter?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Brian Hunter
10 months ago

Hook ’em up, Richard!

Steven Free
10 months ago

While I do agree on the natural presentation that a lighter jighead will usually give you a more natural presentation I use a heavier one in the winter because I’m trolling most of the time and I found that using a lighter one just doesn’t get my jigs deep enough to be hit with as much regularity as opposed to a heavier one but yes if I’m casting in winter or when the water is cold wich for me is only occasionally I do like a lighter jighead or some sort of weedless twistlock hook I’m looking very forward to when this crazy weather will stabilize a little better because my topwaters are raring to go this weekend here in northeast FL the weather is supposed to get pretty cold lows of 30s and highs of only in the low 50s really sucks considering the water temp when I was out last Sunday was a warm perfect 72.3 degrees in very early March but now I know it will cool down significantly this weekend but hey nothing’s perfect in the fishing world especially the weather in Florida thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Colten Lawler
10 months ago

Nice video Richard! What brand of jig heads were ya using in the video?

Neal Hagood
10 months ago

Again, a nice plan that comes to fruition! Nice Day AND a Slam to boot!
Thank you!

10 months ago

Richard, what model Kayak where u using in this Vid? Would u recommend it? What pedal fishing Kayak do u like?


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