Norman Speed Clips Review (Loop Knots vs. Speed Clips)


Have you tried the Norman Speed Clips?

They’re stronger than loop knots and you can connect your lure to your leader faster with them…

But are they worth it?

Check out the video below to see my review of them.

Norman Speed Clips Review [VIDEO]

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After posting about why you should not use snap swivels, a lot of people asked me what I thought about Norman Speed Clips.

These clips are what you would get if snap swivels and split rings had a baby.

Yes, they are faster to attach your lure and stronger than loop knots, but I would still recommend a loop knot over these clips.

Here’s why:

Loop knots are more stealthy.

Loop knots are smaller and less visible than these clips, which could help with catching smart and spooky fish.

Loop knots allow for more action.

The clips hinder your lure’s action more than a loop knot, which could cause you to catch fewer fish.

Loop knots are quick to tie.

Yes, the Norman Speed Clips are fast, but it’s not like tying a loop knot is really slow.

Learn how to tie the non-slip loop knot here.

Norman Speed Clips still need knots.

Yes, they’re stronger than loop knots, but you’ll still need to tie a knot to the clip, so it’s not like you’re getting to skip knots altogether.


norman speed clips

Rigging your lures is one of the few things you can control in fishing.

You can’t control the weather or whether or not the fish will bite, but you can control which knots and gear you use.

Because of this, I prefer using a loop knot which is more stealthy and allows for more action on the lure.

You can learn how to tie the non-slip loop knot here.

Have any questions about loop knots or Norman Speed Clips?

Let me know down in the comments!

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1 year ago

I am not all that fond of clips generally. As for the Norman’s I have troubles squeezing them open and they are a little bulkier than some others. Lately, I have taken to using the tactical angler clips by Albert Nie aka crazy Alberto, not just for lures but for leader to leader with a small split ring to permit attaching lures with small eyes. (the split ring connects the leaders, not the lure). The Spro clips are pointed rather than rounded, otherwise they are nearly identical to the TA clips. I tried the Mustad Fastach and found them easier to use, but they are also a little bulkier. (sorry for the late response on an old thread, but just ran across it when I was trying something different).

Rod Rice
2 years ago

I agree with using the loop knot 99% of the time. For that 1% of the time (Spanish, Bluefish, etc. as others have pointed out) I did however buy a few of these SPRO quick clips after I saw them in action on a Yozuri lure demonstration video. Tie the line to the smaller end, and the lure clips to the larger end.

2 years ago

Do you agree with this video??

2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thanx Wyatt! I can’t believe u actually watched it! Wow, you’re a devoted fishing coach. That tells you the quality of this company. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ACTUALLY TAKING THE TIME TO WATCH THE VIDEO AND ANSWER MY QUESTION! With Love, from Texas.

Ps: Haha I forgot u moved here!,

Christopher Worsinger
2 years ago

Totally agree for situations where a realistic/stealthy presentation are important.

I use the tactical angler clips on some of my surf fishing setups, tied to the end of the shock leader and clipped to the swivel on the top of double drop rig. It’s a bit faster to change rigs and doesn’t slowly eat up the length of the leader (until it gets chaffed and needs to be replaced).

I’ve also used them connecting a metal lures for Spanish and blues to the leader to be able to quickly change lures where a little extra flash doesn’t matter, and the presentation is just a straight fast retrieve anyway.

Steven Free
2 years ago

I love the bill Norman speedclips and I only use them on my hard plugs they make changing baits a snap and are extremely strong and when I look at the action on my plugs whether it be topwater or subsurface or crankbait to me the action is not a sacrificed at all but with my jigs and soft plastic baits I do use a loop knot because I don’t switch these baits out as much as my hard plugs and my spinnerbaits because of the open line tie that most of them have i use a Palomar knot have been catching many fish with the clips though because of covid they have been hard to find and every anglers different what works for some not so for others thanks for all you do😁

Mike Maixner
2 years ago

I have wondered about those for a while also. For me its not the time to tie the knot that makes me want to try the snap swivel. Its using up a few inches of my liter line with each lure change then ultimately needing to tie on a new liter and line to line knot. All of this is also always happening in 15-20 mph winds because its Corpus and its always 15-20 mph winds. I will give them a try just to save me the hassle of tying knots in the wind. Thanks for showing how those can be effective for those of us that are knot as skilled at tying one on.

2 years ago

Wow, what a profound statement: “The Knowledge does not lie in the right lures, it lies in choosing the right Spots.” great video, I’ve used them before and your right you can tie a loop knot just as fast. They do work for bigger plugs thou.
Keep up the great work.


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