Power Fishing For Inshore Saltwater Slams With Artificial Lures


Are you tired of not catching inshore slams consistently?

Fishing is a numbers game.

So the concept of power fishing gives you the best chance of catching a ton of fish.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What power fishing really is
  • What gear you’ll need to power fish
  • How to power fish to consistently catch more slams
  • And more.

Check it out below!

Power Fishing For Inshore Slams [VIDEO]

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If you have a short window of time to fish or if you have not fished an area in a while, power fishing is a great way to find fish quickly.

And if you are fishing in a new spot, this will help you explore that area and target many likely feeding zones.

While you can use live bait, it’s easiest to power fish with artificial lures only.

On this trip, we used the following lures (and caught an inshore slam):

How To Power Fish To Catch Trout, Snook, & Redfish

Power fishing is all about covering ground to find the 90/10 zone.

While focusing on feeding trends, make sure you are using your confidence lures that you trust will work.

And if you are fishing a spot and not seeing any action, it’s time to move!

Some areas to target while power fishing include:

  • Wind-blown points
  • Mangroves
  • Potholes

A very consistent way to find fish is to skip lures under mangroves.

As the sun comes up, the mangroves provide shade and cooler water that fish will naturally gravitate to.

The only bad news is that mangroves are very good at snagging lures.

But if you don’t get snagged at least once, you’re not casting close enough!

Here are more key tactics for power fishing:

  • Pre-trip plan using Smart Fishing Tides, online maps, and reviewing the weekend game plan
  • Make as many casts as possible (remember it’s a numbers game)
  • Find many different types of structure
  • Cover ground and note where fish are holding in each location

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20 inch trout podcast

If you want to consistently catch more fish, power fishing is your answer.

The more ground you cover and the more casts you make should equal more fish caught.

And power fishing gives you the best opportunity to get those inshore saltwater slams!

How do you maximize your time on the water?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who is fishing a new spot soon or has limited time on the water, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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George Layton
6 months ago

Power fishing is THE way to go for sure Luke, especially with the water warming up. Thanks for the great tutorial !!!!

Thom Ray
6 months ago

I’m guilty of hitting the same spots over and over again. Especially with clients as I want them to catch. I need to force myself out my comfort zoned keep exploring. I don’t do enough dock fishing for sure. When you look around you see so so many choices !!

Brian Kessler
6 months ago

Great idea. I think far too often, many of us stay in a dead spot thinking that we just haven’t cast in the right place yet. I know I have.


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