Power Prawn USA ShrimpTreuse Is BACK!

Power Prawn USA ShrimpTreuse Lures are BACK in stock!!

This is one of if not the most popular lure colors we’ve ever done before.

The second batch of these lures just came in so stock up while supplies last!!

Power Prawn USA ShrimpTreuse Is BACK! [VIDEO]

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Hoss Hooks (Best Pairing for ShrimpTruese Lure)

The ShrimpTreuse lure is a combination of the Natural Power Prawn USA color with a chartreuse tail.

Lately, I’ve been bouncing this lure paired with the Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads over nearshore reefs and have been absolutely crushing fish.

Big snapper, over-slot snook, as well as cobia and grouper, have been eating this setup up.

I’ve also found the ShrimpTreuse lure to work better in low light conditions early in the morning or late in the evening.

I even took my wife out on a recent trip and she was using the ShrimpTreuse and I had the all Natural Power Prawn rigged up.

Before I got a bite, she hooked into two solid fish on the ShrimpTreuse.

Once the sun came up a bit higher, I was able to trigger more strikes on the Natural Power Prawn USA.

The next day I took Joe out to the same spot and gave myself the ShrimpTreuse and he threw the Natural shrimp.

I caught two over-slot snook and a nice snapper before he even had a bite.

But just as the day before, once the sun came up the Natural shrimp started to get more strikes.

I still need to get out and do more testing to conclude a final answer but still that goes to show the ShrimpTreuse excels in low light conditions.

As far as rigging goes, I recommend pinning the football weight on the Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads right up against the plastic.

This lets you catch more fish using the same lure.

I recommend the Hoss Weedless Football Jigs for deeper than 3 feet of water and the Hoss Helix Hooks for the shallows.

Any questions at all please let me know down in the comments section!

Be sure to place your order as soon as you can – these will run out quickly!!!

➡Get Power Prawn USA Shrimptreuse Lures

Hoss Hooks (Best Pairing for Shrimptruese Lure)

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Barry Walker
4 months ago

We need the Slam Shady in all sizes done with Chartreuse tails as well !
Thanks for all you are doing!

William (Bill) Krenek
4 months ago

Thanks Luke

Ronald Peedin
4 months ago

will ltry

4 months ago

Great info

Matt Pfeiffer
4 months ago

Interesting intel on the low light vs. sun being up with one vs. the other. Thanks for sharing.

Tim Groner
4 months ago

Hmm! Didn’t I ask about Chartreus a number of times? Now let’s see if you can make the whole body that color with the metallic finish and translucent.

Guy Stephens
4 months ago

Nice, want to start trying some dock fishing and this looks like just the ticket.

Jerry Oller
4 months ago

Glad they are back,,,

Ruben Vasquez
4 months ago

Luke, loving that Shrimptreuse! Looking forward to them in Jr. size.

Thomas Utley
4 months ago

Another good video and to date I’ve yet to be out on the water and not due to me not wanting to be there but for medical reasons. I have yet to get to use any of my own equipment in this lure design and I have wanted to ever since I have received them and I know they’ll work and it is a color that I love using out where I fish but I have to get out there in order to see for myself … Another good video Luke and thanks for the intell …… !


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