Why You Should Pre-Scent Your Soft Plastic Lures


If you aren’t already, you should start to pre-scent soft plastic lures!!

It is an excellent way to save time and money while enhancing your presentations.

I’ll even show you ways to maintain the profile of soft plastics so they don’t bend out of shape.

Take a look!!

Pre-Scent Soft Plastic Lures [VIDEO]

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There is a myriad of different scents and solutions on the market to choose from.

Dr. Juice is what we use and the Saltwater Slam scent is exclusive to Salt Strong.

Another option is heading to a tackle shop and picking up some Menhaden or really any kind of fish oil.

All you need to do is spray some Dr. Juice or drop some fish oil in the plastic bags the lures come in.

For this demonstration, I have a pack of F.R.E.D. BOMBER lures that I’ll scent up with Menhaden oil.

The lures are slightly sticking together which can cause the lures to bend out of shape.

Adding additional scent or oil eliminates this issue and boosts the scent of the lures.

I use a small piece of tubing to put the oil into the bag but you should use whatever is easiest at home.

Then take the oil and spread it out over the lures in the packaging.

Close up the package and begin to mix the lures and oil around inside the package.

You’ll feel the lures sliding around freely inside the package.

Now, when you’re out on the water, you can simply take a lure out and rig it up and start fishing.

As long as the solution or scent you add is oil-based, it will work perfectly well with any bag of soft plastics.

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Do you have any more questions on the importance of pre-scenting your soft plastic lures?

Have you done anything similar in the past to prepare your soft plastic lures ahead of time with scent?

Let me know in the comments section below this article!!

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Chris Stanard
1 month ago

I have been doing this since Dr. Juice came out. Just one question – my baits and the bottle of Dr. Juice stays in my hot garage while going north for the summer.
Is there any chance of spoilage?

Matt MacKay
2 months ago

What’s the time frame? Pre scent for one month of bait? I’m in deer season now and won’t fish until April 2023. Suggestions? Love this community!

Paul DiLucchio
2 months ago

Tony, by my count you have caught about a million more fish than me. So obviously you really know what you’re doing. And it looks like the hack works just fine.
But — I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one for two reasons.
First: it’s a mess to dig the bait out of the bag. You get the smell all over you hands and therefore on your gear. And you know how hard it is to get your hands cleaned.
Second is financial. Putting a couple drops directly on each bait is one thing. But putting it into the bag automatically wastes a certain amount because it’s going to cost the plastic bag, too. And this stuff is expensive.
So I’m going to choose to stick with the one-at-a-time method.

Steven Free
2 months ago

I probably use more scent on my lures then most anglers do I always put a piece of fishbites on all my jigs and spinnerbaits and I also use procure infused with Dr juice I find that the Dr juice alone doesn’t stick to lures as well as procure does but when both are mixed together they are perfect together and I also found out a way to make the new gulp baits a whole lot tougher and it’s extremely simple just take them out of there package and put them into one of those lure lockers that are leakproof and add some dr juice with the gulp juice that they come in and leave it in the sun a few hours when you go fishing for about 3 days after you will find them to be alit tougher and they last longer as well I know ow I discovered this tip after several days that my gulps were in I found b them to be tougher to all I know is it works for me thanks for the tip and all you do👍😉

Rod Burke
2 months ago

1- Does Menhaden oil cause the lighter colored baits to darken?
2- Do you have a problem with the menhaden oil leaking out of the original bag of Slam Shady colored baits getting all over the boat drawer or whatever container they’re kept in?

Rod Burke
2 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks Tony.

James Waugh
2 months ago

Just another suggestion: you can also use a Gulp recharge

Todd FIx
2 months ago

Thanks Tony good tip.

Gary Jarrett
2 months ago

I’ve always applied Dr. Juice with a squeeze bottle. The question I’ve always had was,how many cast should I get out of an application before reapplying?

Joe Geis
2 months ago

Thanks Tony. I will try it.

Ronald Peedin
2 months ago

really like


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