Pre-Rigged VS. Non Pre-Rigged Soft Plastics (Which Is Best?)

Are lures that come out of the package already rigged on a hook better than just a soft plastic?

What are the benefits of rigging a lure on your own hook?

Pre-rigged lures versus non pre-rigged lures comes down to personal preference and customization perks.

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Pre-Rigged VS. Non Pre-Rigged Soft Plastics (Which Is Best?) [VIDEO]

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What is best for inshore anglers: pre-rigged lures or non pre-rigged lures?

The answer varies from angler to angler.

Cost Efficiency

Non pre-rigged lures allow you to customize your presentation and rig the lure however you want.

Moreover, you will get more bang for your buck with non pre-rigged soft plastic lures.

Non pre-rigged lures will come in packages of 3+ lures.

Pre-rigged lures often come in packages of two or in some cases just one lure.

You end up spending the same amount of money for 1-2 pre-rigged lures as 5-7 non pre-rigged lures.

Pros & Cons

A lure that is pre-rigged decides how it is presented and how the soft plastic is rigged on the hook.

You are inclined to swim the soft plastic lure how it has been rigged in the packaging.

For example, a lure may come pre-rigged on a weedless hook but you want to use a jighead.

In this case, you would actually be wasting your money if you swap out the hook because the lure is already rigged on another type of hook.

The purpose of buying a pre-rigged lure is defeated if you want to change the hook out for something different.

A non pre-rigged lure can be rigged however you like.

Terminal tackle is just as important as soft plastic lures if you decide to go the non pre-rigged route.

You can choose your soft plastic setup based on depth, structure, and overall action in the presentation.

Pre-rigged lures will catch fish, however, they do not offer the same customization options as non pre-rigged lures.

Non pre-rigged lures offer you the ability to present the same lure in a variety of situations.

Whereas a pre-rigged lure may be specifically designed for one scenario.

Example Of Pre-Rigged VS. Non Pre-Rigged Lure

The Chasebaits Flick Prawn is a pre-rigged weedless artificial shrimp lure that works best in shallow water conditions.

A downfall of that is it is limited to that specific situation.

The Power Prawn Jr. is a shrimp imitation lure that is not pre-rigged and can be set up however you like.

Whether you choose a weedless hook or a jighead, the Power Prawn Jr. can be rigged up on either.

Depending on your desired presentation and the situation, you can swim this lure in any fashion you deem fit.

A little trick when rigging any soft plastic on a jighead is the hook point should come out of the lure when the head of the soft plastic is about even with the point on the other side.

Furthermore, the Power Prawn Jr. is designed to have its own rattle cavity.

You can insert your own rattle into the lure to create extra sound and attraction.

Customization of your lures is much more advantageous than pre-rigged lures.


weedless power prawn

Pre-rigged lures are useful in specific situations but overall non pre-rigged lures allow for more customization and rigging flexibility.

Buying your own package of soft plastic lures and different jigheads or hooks will set you up for any kind of fishing situation.

Customization and presentation are what set apart non pre-rigged lures from already rigged lures.

If you have any questions on how to rig lures, please ask me down in the comments!

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Justin Todd
1 year ago

Thanks, Tony. What size tackle tray is that? How’s it holding up?

Malcolm Hayward
1 year ago

Broadly this is true.
Some of the most effective soft lures, “Red Gill” specifically have been matching their lures with proprietory hooks since the ’80s. Their paddle tails go back to the ’50s.
These hooks and lures were developed together for optimum balance, action and buoyancy. This may not apply to lesser lures.
With the traditional pattern, the hook pulls out with the lure sliding up the line, thus the wash off is not an issue either.
The moment, a lure is molded to it’s hook, we have unavoidable corrosion fun.
Sea water neutralizer rinses are available but I am sure you are already using these to flush your reels.

Chris Robinson
1 year ago

There is one local legend that only fishes pre-rigged lures off a very rocky shore. I think it’s only because the one specific lure he uses is extremely durable. He is an old timer so has the ‘touch’ and changes up his tech for grand slams. But I can’t personally use them. And think it’s just this specific rocky area with its fast current etc. anywhere else wouldn’t work

Matthew Stevens
1 year ago

100% team non prerigged. I prefer the flexibility to choose my presentation.

Chris Little
1 year ago

I’m in the non prerigged lures camp. Tony hit the mail on the head.

1 year ago

Hi yes pre Rigged lures may look more realistic but that are more expen sive but not cost effective thay can get expensive quick if you get into a school of blue fish or any fish with teeth thanks

1 year ago

Tony nice video – can you break down what you have in your tackle box
I realized the other day that I was carrying too much stuff in my kayak
Would love to hear what tackle and lures you included – thanks in advance

Sean Shimmel
1 year ago

Humbly authoritative as always, Tony. Thank you. What are your thoughts on the supposed “unique realism” of pre-rigged lures such as the Flick Prawn?

1 year ago
Reply to  Sean Shimmel

Hi I like them for certain presentations look more real and that come in three different sizes that have thare good points and bad points that can get expensive quick if you get into a school of fish with teeth some times that more real looking lure can trigger a bite when standard baits might not thanks


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