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Pro Tips To Catching Beach Redfish [VIDEO]

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Types Of Spots

One of the main things we look for when selecting beach fishing spots is a spot’s proximity to an inlet.

Beyond that, we also want to look for shallow water closer to the beach.

By taking a stroll up and down the beach, you can find better spots that have what you are looking for.

For targeting redfish, you want to find deeper drop-offs and sand bars not far from shore.

Casting, Baits, & Reeling In Fish Against The Surf

There may also be days that are super windy and you can’t get your cast out to where you want.

In that case, you should try and find a similar spot in structure that is closer to the beach for casting reasons.

Then, cast your bait out and wait for some bites!

With regards to bait, our favorite bait to target bull redfish from the surf is cut bait in the form of mullet.

Furthermore, after you hook into a fish and reel it in a bit closer, you will have to account for the waves or any rough surf.

Heavy waves and heavy current can create a bigger hole in the fish’s mouth with your hook which can cause it to fall out.

The key is to play it nice and easy.

There’s an old saying that goes: “Big Waves. Big Fish”

Lots of times this actually can hold true!


Circle hooks are always the best type of hook to use when fishing with live bait.

They are designed to hook right into the fish’s mouth making it easier on both the fish and you in the fight and release.

Drag Settings

When fishing for big game fish like redfish from the surf, be sure to set the drag light when waiting for a bite.

This is to ensure the fish won’t break off your line on its initial run after being hooked.

You also want to create tension on the rod tip so you can visibly see when a fish is nibbling on or is taking your bait.

Additionally, it is further beneficial to start loose on your drag so you can tire the fish out.

Landing The Fish

There is no need to rush anything.

There are no rocks or sharp structure out off of the beach you should be worried about.

Rough surf and heavy current add weight and only make the fish heavier than it actually is.

As the fish tires, you can slowly begin to tighten down the drag.

Moreover, remember you are using heavier and bigger gear.

You want to use a reel with lots of spool capacity so the fish has enough line to take runs and tire out.

Also, there is a certain technique for reeling in large fish from the beach.

You want to pull up on the fishing rod and then immediately reel in all the slack in the line.

That is the best way to fight these big fish.

If you feel the fish pull on the line, then you can just hold your rod there at about a 45-degree angle.

You never want to reel against your own drag.

Then, when it comes to landing the fish, you want to use the waves to your advantage.

Begin slowly backing up on the beach to control the fish’s head and have it pointing at you.

Continue to take steps back with the wave and use the wave to help you reel the fish in rather than fight the fish and the waves.

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1 month ago

What size rod and reel for the reds from beach?

Luke Simonds
1 month ago
Reply to  Ryan

For big reds like this, it’s smart to use 8 to 10 ft rods with 3000 to 5000 sized reels so you can launch lures long distances to reach the fish if they are holding away from the beach.

Adrian Matos
11 months ago

Awesome video! Definitely a great way to start fishing the beach. I just had one question. What would be the reel size range that should be paired with a 12’ surf rod. Looking for the minimum requirement to land giant reds, but can also be used for other smaller surf species. Also any suggestions from the SS tackle store would be helpful if you guys have any .

Luke Simonds
11 months ago
Reply to  Adrian Matos

I think that the 3000 or 4000 Daiwa BG is plenty big enough for handling any sized redfish from the surf… may need to go with the 4000 to make sure it’s big enough to fit in the big surf rod’s reel seat though.

Adrian Matos
11 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Cool , thanks for the advice. Definitely an area I was a bit confused on ,this helps.

2 years ago

Great info. I would add changing bait every 20-30 minutes in dirty water. The reds are feeding by smell. Since moving to PSJ I’ve noticed the late fall and winter bite seems to be better, any comment on this? Once the cats show up its tough to get the baits to any reds that may be in the area.

Gilberto Gomez
2 years ago

Great videos!!


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