Rapala Skitter Walk Review & “How To” [UNDERWATER FOOTAGE]

By: Luke Simonds on September 12, 2018
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Rapala Skitter Walk

The Rapala Skitter Walk has been around for a very long time, and it is one of the most popular topwater lures on the market.

This post will explain the pros and cons of this lure that I’ve experienced after years of use trial and error use.

And I will also give you a tutorial on how to use the Skitter Walk in the video review at the bottom of the article.

Best of all, the “how to” footage in the video below includes a view of how the rod tip movement impacts the action of the lure in the water via a very unique split-screen view from two cameras that are time synced.

Note: If you have used this lure, please share your thoughts with us in the Comments section at the bottom of this post. We are not affiliated with their company at all, so your review will not get censored in any way… all good or bad reviews will get approved.

So let’s get started with the review:

Rapala Skitter Walk Specs

Rapala Skitter Walk underwater

Rapala has two different Skitter Walk models: the Skitter Walk and the Saltwater Skitter Walk.

Rapala Skitter Walk Specs:

  • Model Number: SW08
  • Running Depth: Topwater
  • Body Length: 3-1/8″
  • Weight: 7/16 oz
  • Hooks: Two #3 treble hooks

Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk Specs:

  • Model Number: SSW11
  • Running Depth: Topwater
  • Body Length: 4-3/8″
  • Weight: 5/8 oz
  • Hooks: Two #2 treble hooks

The Skitter Walk comes in 21 different color combinations while the Saltwater Skitter Walk comes in 13.

Both lures are $9.49 on the Rapala website.

Note: I don’t like the treble hooks that come with either of the Skitter Walk lures, so I replace them with single hooks built for replacing trebles… click here to see a post about sizing single hooks for treble hooks on plugs.

Rapala Skitter Walk Video Review & Tutorial

In this video, I go over my top pros and cons for the Rapala Skitter Walk. I also give a tutorial with underwater footage to show you how to use this lure.

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side view of Rapala Skitter Walk

This is one of my favorite topwater lures out there. I highly recommend it and think all inshore anglers should keep one or two in their tackle supply.

Replacing the treble hooks with single inline hooks is a good idea for this lure, but other than that this lure is ready to go out of the box.

Remember, all our review are completely unbiased and independent. We are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies.

If you have any questions about this lure or have a suggestion for what product we should review next, let us know in the comments.

Tight Lines!

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Dave Frymier

I’ve been alternating between the Heddon Super Spook Jr and this Skitterwalk this summer. I occasionally lose one – usually due to worn out 10 lb braid – but that’s another story (or idea for a story –hint, hint). I’m not going to buy any more of the Rapalas because they have a real problem with the front hook tangling in the line. If you lay the two lures down next to each other, you can see why – they’re booth almost the same length, but the forward hook is mounted a good ½ – maybe even ¾ of an inch farther forward on the Skitterwalk.

Charles Phillippi

Awesome split screen video,helps to see both action of rod and lure. Keep up the great work!!

Thom Ray

As an alternative to hard topwater baits , do a review of the Z Man Popper Shadz,,,just bought some but haven’t had them out yet

Allen Tufts

Thom I have had good success with them as a soft “topwater plug” and have caught some good fish with them. Capt. CA Richardson mentions them in one of his videos here and shows some rigging and retrieval tactics as well. Its a good bait but I will say its floating and soft body takes a little bit of adapting to; it doesn’t react fully like a hard bait you may be used to using. I prefer the pearl, houdini and smoky shad colors.

Good luck

Thom Ray

What size inline hooks did you install. Look like 3/0?

Gary Rankel

Hey Luke……Tony just reviewed the Super Spook Jr and you just reviewed the Skitter Walk. Lots of other walk the dogs lures are out there. Rather than reviewing one at a time, how about first reviewing a good sampling of the more popular ones, and then provide the pros and cons of each along with recommendations about which one to buy for given conditions.