The Lure You Should Be Using For Redfish In Shallow Water


It’s a little unorthodox…

But extremely effective!

Using a topwater lure to target redfish in super shallow water is not the traditional strategy yet it works.

So in this new video, you’ll learn the best way to use topwater lures to catch shallow water reds.

Check it out below!

Use This Lure To Catch Redfish In Shallow Water [VIDEO]

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Typically, anglers use a finesse presentation with jerkbaits and slow-moving retrieves to target tailing redfish in the shallows.

But topwater lures fire up the redfish bite!

A topwater lure will be eye level with the fish in this super shallow water.

And first thing in the morning during summertime, these redfish cannot resist it!

Topwater lures are best reserved for the early morning as the sun is rising and the water is cooler.

Put your hand on the horizon and if the sun is above your hand, stop using topwaters as it probably won’t be very effective!

Setting The Hook With Topwater Lures

Don’t set the hook when you see the blow-up…

Wait until you feel the weight of the fish!

Sometimes redfish will pull it under the water but have not eaten it yet.

So don’t rush it, wait until you know the fish has taken the bait!

Changing Your Treble Hooks To Single Inline Hooks

Make sure you are using single inline hooks because you don’t want to snag anything in the shallow water.

Grass and debris will affect your presentation.

Also, single inline hooks help you to set the hook better, they keep you safe, and they are better for fish.

Here are my favorite topwater lures and hooks:

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Have any questions about using a topwater for shallow water redfish?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
2 years ago

To me it’s a no-brainer if the reds are extremely active blowing up on baitfish constantly that is it would be foolish not to use a topwater especially for reds considering unlike trout or snook that hit from below a reds mouth being not made for that kind of ambush always hits either from the side or headon

Bob Hartwein
2 years ago

Way to Go Wyatt! Great tips! I always learn something from your videos!

Michael Connelly
2 years ago

Good Job as always Wyatt!! I got one this afternoon using the Spook Jr tight on the grass..

2 years ago

What rod lenght, action & power with what size line & leader size do you use?Rod brand & reel inches per revoultion?

Strayed Cat
2 years ago

Nice video, I myself use a more soothing rhythm to keep the cadence when walking the dawg

Jerry Dexter
2 years ago

Thank you

2 years ago

Love your videos and I use z-man extensively, but why not branch out into other areas besides Florida? You have the whole east coast to fish, and there are many West Coast fishermen who I believe would join your club if you focused a bit on our waters. That would give you guys a chance to explore other areas and see how your gear and knowledge do in new places.

Jeff Stringer
2 years ago

In the video, there was some wind. I think that might be a factor sometimes on topwaters, even in this scenario. I would like to know what Wyatt says about having a ripple on the water with topwaters in this shallow water scenario.

The Emperor CodSaculus
2 years ago

Before I moved from Ga to NW Fl. I used to bass fish @ Lake Allatoona/Acworth. When I threw a topwater, after it hit the water on a calm morning, I’d wait for the ripples to settle…. I reckon that applies to the reds/trout as well?

Steven Free
2 years ago

What the heck kind of name is that weird very weird but I guess if your looking for attention you got it whatever

2 years ago

Some of the jointed wake baits that float work well too! I use the little rubber bait harness rings to keep my front in line hook against the body of the lure, even more weedless!!


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