This Is A Great Redfish & Trout Lure (When Fishing Thick Grass)

By: Joseph Simonds on December 17, 2018
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ca richardson redfish lure

All serious inshore fishermen know that seagrass can be one of the best types of structure to find feeding redfish and trout.

However, with heavy grass comes a few problems…

In particular, finding the perfect lure that won’t get hung up in the grass (preventing you from catching your fish).

So do you want to know one of the best lures for catching redfish and trout in thick grass?

We brought on Salt Strong fishing coach Capt. C.A. Richardson to share his go-to lure for fishing thick grass.


Redfish & Trout Lure For Thick Grass

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What lure do you like best when fishing in thicker grass?

Let us know in the comments below.

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William Mixson, Jr

I caught a trout using this lure in heavy grass a few months ago fishing on a guided trip with Capt. Craig Spitznogle of Florida Flats Charter. It worked for me.

Raleigh Thomas

Excellent lure and ‘trick’ for heavy grass! Other setups that have worked well for me in the past have been Johnson’s Weedless Minnow spoons, with or without some kind of ‘tail’ added, weedless Mission Fishin jig heads, the lightest you can get away with, so that they don’t quickly dive-bomb down into the grass, and Shallow DOA Baitbuster minnows. The DOA’s sink horizontally on the drop, and the hook rides up very well. Sometimes I have added mono weedguards stuck into the top side of the Baitbusters, in a ‘V’ just in front of the hook. ( 30 lb. works well.) Tight lines! 👍 Tupperware Navy Strong!

Dan Friberg

Great stuff CA as usual ! I learn so much from all of you at Salt Strong !


Captain Richard you are the best fishing coach out there. More and more it seems northern fishing is just like same as southern intercoast fishing with artificial baits.
John Martin

Stuart Secler

Great video…. I was having that problem today.

Gregory Batchelor

Thanks CA!

John Hardiman

CA, I noticed how clear the water is, can you give any recommendations on color of plastics when fishing murky waters or not so clear waters?