Tailing Redfish EVERYWHERE [Fishing Report – Weedon Island, FL]


How should you approach tailing redfish?

How can you avoid spooking schools of redfish?

If you want to learn how to cast at and catch pressured redfish, take a look below!!

Targeting Tailing Redfish

Tailing Redfish on Power Prawn Jr.

In some highly-fished areas, redfish especially can feel pressured and can be easily spooked out of where they are holding.

On glass calm days, the odds of them getting spooked are even higher.

If you can clearly see a fish in the water, chances are they can see and sense you just the same.

In these situations, it is all about stealth and accurate casting to ensure the best lure placement.

Targeting Tailing Redfish [VIDEO]

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Pressured redfish can pose a major challenge, but with the right lures and approach, you can persuade them into striking your lures.

Just remember to be extremely stealthy and pay extra attention to your casts and lure placement.

A few feet to the left or right and you can risk spooking that fish and losing out on catching it!

Do you have any more questions on this tailing redfish trip?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Ron spence
1 year ago

Wow, great day and I learned a lot about tailing red fish. I used to look for several tails to be sticking out of the water for extended periods of time, but now I see they just pop up for a few seconds. It’s nice to see when it’s so calm. Thanks great video.

Martee Craparo
1 year ago

Great day on Tampa bay.

Tony Alfonso
1 year ago

Justin, to say that was epic would be an understatement! Well done 👍🏽

Nate Marsh
1 year ago

Oftentimes I’ll finish up chores or wash the dishes with these videos on in the background, but this one I was planted on the couch loving every minute! Really amazing conditions, looked like a great morning. I’ve found downsizing baits has helped a lot this spring; I’ll feel nibbles on a larger lure so I’ll switch to something smaller and THUMP, fish on!


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