The Salt Strong Mission: Why We Are NOT YouTubers


Why are we not YouTubers at Salt Strong?

We get questions from people time to time who ask us why we run Salt Strong as a company rather than just being YouTubers?

They ask us why we don’t just put all our courses and content there and try to make money by selling ads on a YouTube channel?

Well, the answer goes back to a question – Why?

Why did we quit our jobs to start Salt Strong?

Why do we run Salt Strong the way we do?

What are we passionate about?

In this podcast, we tell you about our passion, our mission and why we run Salt Strong the way we do.

Have any questions or feedback about this podcast episode?

Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page!

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The Fish Strong Podcast: Why We Are Not YouTubers

Check out the video below to see why we run Salt Strong the way we do:

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We have a ton of respect and admiration for the YouTubers out there killing the fishing game and have even had some of them such as FlukemasterZak Catchem and Joey Antonelli on the podcast.

It’s a great form of media that’s awesome to learn from and to build your own brand on.

We just feel that we can do a better job fulfilling our mission by focusing our energy towards our custom website that can meet the needs of the Salt Strong Community most effectively.

If you have any questions about this podcast episode, let us know in the comments below.

Tight Lines!

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James Franklin
3 years ago

I LOVE WHAT YOU GUYS DO! and how you keep it all clean and honorable.

3 years ago
Reply to  James Franklin

Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment James.

We sure do appreciate your support. Fish On!

3 years ago

Because Salt Strong is for gross revenues and profit.

Gary Rankel
3 years ago

Best information and website I’ve come across in 60+ years of fishing. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

George Murphy
3 years ago

I like the concept of not having to deal with negative trollers and just rude comments in general. Your web site, being geared to like-minded anglers and at the same time being an open and inclusive community, keeps things constructive. Your approach to the community is admirable.

Kyle Rhoden
3 years ago

So refreshing to hear your story and see your focus remains fixed on your mission. Keep marching towards true North (the Lord) and everything will undoubtedly be provided. As a relativey new member, I love that you guys are accessible and passionate. The material is game-changing, but the passion you guys have and genuine care you have for the sport and the people who love it is life-changing.

Thomas Campbell
3 years ago

Let’s face it guys some people just don’t get it and some people just question everything for no reason (the Nay Sayers). If they can’t see what SaltStrong is all about then they probably never will, not the kind of people you want in the best fishing club in the world I know the club is for everyone but they can keep watching YouTube. No need to explain but I hear and like what you’re saying, keep doing what you’re doing you’re never going to be able to please or convince everyone, what we have works and for some reason some people don’t like anyone to succeed and have a need to question then just believe, it’s obvious you guys believe in SaltStrong and so do I don’t worry about the Nay Sayers keep up the good work!!! Tight Lines & Get Salty!!!


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