I Stumbled Upon A WILD Bonito Blitz (Using The Slam Shady 2.0!!)


I was out with an Insider Member last week looking for tarpon when we stumbled on a WILD bonito blitz!!

The bonito were blitzing on glass minnows right on the surface.

Technically they are referred to as false albacore or “albies” for short.

These fish are in the tuna family and drag was screaming!!

WILD Bonito Blitz [VIDEO]

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The Slam Shady 2.0 Paddletail was the ticket on this trip!

You can’t find a lure that looks more like an actual glass minnow.

Contrary to common practice, I had this lure rigged up on a much heavier jighead.

I was using the Z-Man Striper Eye Jighead weighing 1/2 oz.

Traditionally, for shallow water inshore saltwater fishing, you want to use a lighter hook with a shorter shank.

Surprisingly, the longer shank on the Striper Eye Jighead actually matches up well with the Slam Shady 2.0.

We decided to use heavier jigheads for TWO main reasons.

The first is casting distance.

After the bonito dart around and bust up on the surface, they’ll quickly pick up and move somewhere else.

Additional casting distance allows you to stay within range of the bonito.

Second, the heavier weight of the Striper Eye Jighead causes the lure to sink faster.

Even though the fish are crashing the surface, you may not get all the strikes there.


This was nothing but a BLAST!!!

If you ever come across fish busting on the surface and eating glass minnows, go ahead and tie on the Slam Shady 2.0 and crank it in!

You can’t beat that screamin’ drag!!

➡Get the Slam Shady 2.0

➡Get Z-Man Striper Eye Jigheads

Do you have any questions about this WILD bonito blitz?

Let me know if you have any other tuna, bonito, or false albacore questions down in the comments!!

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Guy Mutchler
3 months ago

Nice day on the water

James Foster
5 months ago

Looked like a blast of fun! Definitely on my bucket list to catch!

Wayne Turnacliff
5 months ago

Fun Video!

joseph levasseur
5 months ago

Bonito and False Albacore are 2 Different Fish……………….

Jason Rosado
5 months ago

Wow! Awesome! I know you can get Bonito off the pier on Juno beach but didn’t think by Cape Canaveral. The slam shady 2.0 proves once again it’s the top lure. Great video Ritchey

Ron Whetstone
5 months ago

They were definitely a blast to catch.

Charles Gambino
5 months ago

Just had the same thing happen on the charter drifting fishing boat today out of boynton beach. Targeting snappers and other reef species but the bonito were everywhere. At one point our baits couldn’t even make to the bottom before getting hooked up with one. Not too many edible fish caught but most got at least one bonito and a good fight. Was a lot of fun. Got a few nice size ones myself. I’m beat

Richard Thomas
5 months ago

Football Season came early this year babbyyy!!!!

Thomas Marks
5 months ago

Justin… fantastic! Are bonito an east coast fish or can I find them on the west coast too?

Last edited 5 months ago by Thomas Marks
Johnny Bracey
5 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Marks

They are abundant the west coast

Timothy Howell
5 months ago

Super Cool! Love how stoked you guys are during the catch in the video!


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