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The Best Nets For Kids To Get Hooked On Fishing

best fishing net for kids

Of all the fishing equipment out there, a simple net could actually be the top choice for getting a young child interested in fishing.

This is because nets offer constant action with a high likelihood of catching at least some sort of critter with just a little basic know-how.

In fact, netting small minnows along the bank of a lake near my childhood home is one of the earliest memories I can recall…

I absolutely LOVED catching minnows and anything else that ended up in the net… grass shrimp, tad poles, crawfish, and even small eels were always a special treat.

So for a young child’s first introduction to fishing, getting a net could be the very best thing for them to become interested in fishing.

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And if your child is ready for a cast net, here’s a tutorial video showing a great way to teach him/her how to easily throw it without having to hold the net in his/her mouth.

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Cast nets can be a powerful tool in getting kids interested in fishing. The fact that they provide constant activity with quick results makes them a must have for a parent who wants to keep their kids entertained while out fishing.

And not only do they allow for quickly catching all sorts of small critters along the shoreline (minnows, shrimp, crabs, starfish, etc.), they can also be used on shore to catch fiddler crabs, lizards, and pretty much anything else that can fit in a small net:)

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Brian Richardson

Unable to subscribe to email updates for this course, but thanks for taking the time to put this together! It’s so important to get and keep kids interested in the outdoors!

Thomas Turek

This is great for all ages to. I find it important if you can avoid putting the net into your mouth due to areas that have or may have higher levels of bacteria in the water.

Being safe is most important.