Boating Tips

How To Use An Anchor Pole (Boat Stick)

Do you know how to use a boat stick or a stick-it pin? What are the advantages of using one when fishing? Boat sticks help to...
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Boat Trailer Tires 101: The TRUTH About Trailer Tires

Class is in session for Trailer Tires 101!! What could you be forgetting when keeping up maintenance on your trailer tires? The TRUTH is...
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Boat Trailering Checklist (Safety Tips & Gear)

Do you trailer your boat to the water? Are you prepared if there is a malfunction on the trailer? See the boat trailering checklist...
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Best Beginner Saltwater Fishing Boats & Skiffs

What are some of the best beginner saltwater fishing boats? What are some things to look for when thinking of getting a boat?...
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3 Quick Boat and Trailer Maintenance Tips

Here are 3 Quick Boat and Trailer Maintenance Tips to keep you on the water and the road safely, and save you money in the long run.
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Easiest Way To Mount A Micro Power-Pole On A Skiff

How should you mount a Micro Power-Pole on a skiff? The easiest way to mount a Micro Power-Pole on a small skiff is...
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Maverick HPX-V Review: The Boat That Put Us On The Map

Have you seen us riding around in the Maverick HPX-V fishing boat? We finally did a review of our favorite vessel! Take a look here at...
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How To Load A Boat Onto A Trailer In Heavy Current

Have you ever had to load your boat onto your trailer in a heavy current? What is the best way to safely guide a boat...
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Trolling Motor Review: Minn Kota vs. MotorGuide (Pros & Cons)

Does your boat have a Minn Kota or MotorGuide trolling motor? What are the pros and cons of both? Listen in as we discuss...
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Are You Aware Of The New Coast Guard Boating Kill Switch Law?

Are you aware of the new federal mandate for operating a boat that was established this year? To increase safety on the water, you must...
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This Is The First Thing To Check If Your Boat Won’t Start

Have you ever found yourself out in the middle of the water on your boat and the engine won't start? Don't panic! The first thing to do is...
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The Biggest Boating Mistakes To Avoid (New Boaters Beware!)

Boating isn't supposed to be stressful! But with all of the new boaters and increased traffic on the water, you must know how to...
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How & When To Use A Stick Anchor For Your Bay Boat

Have you used a stick anchor on your boat? It's a very convenient, super quiet, and affordable option for an anchor when fishing shallow...
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How To Use The Spot Lock Feature On Your Trolling Motor

This is the anchoring system that is revolutionizing how you fish! If you have not used spot lock on a trolling motor, you're missing out...
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The 3 Most Important Boat Accessories For Anglers

What are your most valued boat accessories as an angler? If you don't have these three things, then you may be missing out on fish or...
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