Lure Rigging

HeadlockZ Jig Head Review: Pros, Cons, & Rigging Tips

Looking for a heavy-duty jig head to rig your Z-Man lures on? Check out the HeadlockZ jig head review here and see how to rig lures on them.
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How To Keep Soft Plastic Fishing Lures From Sliding Down The Hook

Sick of your soft plastics sliding down the shank of the hook? Check out this simple hack to keep them in place. All you need is a...
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How To Choose The Right Size Hook For Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

If you choose the wrong size hook for your soft plastic lures, you may miss strikes, or not get any at all. Learn how to choose the right size hook here.
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How To Rig Tall-Bodied Soft Plastic Lures The Easy Way

Do you use tall-bodied soft plastic lures, like those that resemble pinfish? Then you know how hard they can be to rig, but in this video I'll show you...
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How To Connect Hooks To Lures With Braided Line (And Lose Fewer Fish)

Want to learn how to tie your own braided line "split rings"? See why they're useful, plus get step-by-step instructions for how to tie them in this video.
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Savage Gear Savage Grip Treble Hook Review [Pros, Cons & Specs]

These Savage Gear Savage Grip Treble hooks are changing the game for hard baits. Check out this review to see what they're all about and why they're not...
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Owner TwistLock Swimbait Hook Review [1/8 Oz vs. 1/16 Oz]

Have you tried the 3/0 1/8 oz Owner TwistLock hook? In this video, I'll break down when to use it compared to the 1/16 oz, plus I'll share a little trick...
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Little-Known Paddletail Lure Rigging Secrets (That Increase Strikes)

Check out these five paddletail rigging secrets to help you get more strikes. These tips will help you rig paddletails on jig heads and swim baits, and...
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Triple Your Trout Strikes With This Crazy Lure Trick!

Have you ever tried this trick? It takes "match the hatch" to a new level and can help you catch loads more trout! Plus, it's really simple to do.
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The Slam Shady Story (Celebrating National Paddletail Day)

We celerated National Paddletail Day by giving away thousands of packs of Slam Shady. Check this out to get yours, plus learn how to rig and retrieve them.
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How To Save Money On Popping Corks (2 Simple Tips)

Want to know a little trick to saving money on popping corks? Check out this video to learn this trick, plus the top mistake anglers make when...
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[Insider Q & A] Best Way To Rig When Fishing In Strong Current

Strong current can make fishing pretty tough, especially when trying to keep your bait in place. We have had multiple questions come in on this...
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Z-Man Weedless Jig Head Review (Top Pros & Cons)

If you're sick of getting snagged on docks and rocks, you might want to try this weedless jig head. This review will break down the top pros & cons of it.
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1 Simple Hack To Avoid Losing Fish On Light Leader

Sick of getting broken off by snook and other inshore fish when you're using light leader? Try this little hack (without swapping out your entire leader).
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Why The Length Of Your Fishing Leader Line Can Be Critical

Want to know what the ideal leader line length is? Or why you would choose a short leader over a longer leader? Watch this video for the answers.
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