Soft Plastic Lures

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with hard-body lures!

There are several styles of soft plastics, each with their own set of pros and cons. Explore each of them below to learn more about how you can maximize your results with different styles!

Why Is Buoyancy Important For The Best Lure Presentation?

Knowing a lot about your lure will grant you the ability to present it perfectly to predatory fish. Both buoyancy and weight play a role in...
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The Most Consistent & Versatile Shrimp Lure Ever Made?

Is this the best shrimp lure ever made? The versatility of this shrimp lure to catch BIG fish inshore, nearshore, and offshore is quite...
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The Best Way To Store Your Soft Plastic Lures (And What NOT To Do)

Have you had your soft plastic lures ruined before because of improper storage? It's a mess and wastes a ton of money but if you don't put...
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This Is Why You Should Not Leave Your Soft Plastics On Hooks

If you always leave your soft plastic lures on your hooks, then you'll want to watch this. Although it's convenient, you may think twice...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 8-19-21 [Lure Selection Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:00:52 – Weighted hook vs Jig on...
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Top 3 Ways To Catch Tons Of Fish On The Power Prawn

Want to know the most effective ways to use the Power Prawn shrimp lure to catch boatloads of fish? The 3 techniques that produce big time...
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The Best Ways To Rig The F.R.E.D. Paddletail Lure

Do you know the best ways to rig up the new F.R.E.D. paddletail lure? Making sure this lure is rigged up correctly is important if you are...
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How To Fish Schools Of Black Drum With Artificial Lures

Have you come across big schools of black drum? Want to know how to effectively catch fish out of a school with artificial lures? This is...
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Gulp Jerk Shad Vs Alabama Leprechaun (Pros, Cons, & Rigging Tips)

Are you having a hard time getting finicky fish to bite? Jerk shads create great action through the water and although it takes a little...
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The Best Way To Retrieve The Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ (For More Strikes)

Do you know the best way to retrieve the new Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ? Making sure this lure is presented to the fish you are targeting is...
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How To Rig The New Slam Shady EZ ShrimpZ (For More Strikes)

Do you know the best ways to rig the new Slam Shady shrimp lure? There are several ways to rig and retrieve this lure but you'll catch the...
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The 3 New Salt Strong Lures Are In Stock & Ready To Catch Fish

Are you ready to catch tons of fish on these new lures? F.R.E.D., Gold Digger, and the Z-Man Slam Shady Shrimp have been crushing it and...
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Here Is One Trick To Get More Bites On Big Paddletails This Summer

Do you know how to effectively modify your lures to always match the hatch (even in dirty water)? Reducing the size of your larger lure may...
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New PINK Lure Vs Slam Shady (On The Water Without A Trolling Motor)

Are you looking for a new lure that slays redfish every day? The new F.R.E.D. lure is going up against the Slam Shady and you won't believe..
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How To Keep Catching Fish Even If You Lose The Tail On Your Paddletail

Do you get frustrated when the tail of your paddletail gets bitten off by pesky pinfish? You can actually keep using that lure but you must...
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