This Is What The Nub Rig Looks Like Underwater

Have you ever been swimming a paddletail in front of fish but they won’t seem to bite anything?

We learned a little secret modification you can make to your paddletail lure to increase strikes.

The answer is the NUB rig!

Check out what it looks like underwater here!!

This Is What The Nub Rig Looks Like Underwater [VIDEO]

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The “nub” rig is a paddletail lure with the tail torn off to create a small jerkbait.

Just by tearing off the tail, you can create a total different action on the lure.

For this underwater experiment, the paddletail and nub rig will both be rigged on trout eye jigheads.

In this case, the lure used is a Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail lure.

When you are retrieving the Slam Shady paddletail as normal, the tail vibrates in the water and the lure bounces up and down giving off natural movement.

It is a steady motion with not much erratic behavior.

After the tail is removed from the Slam Shady 2.0, the nub rig moves extremely erratic through the water bouncing from side to side.

The nub rig imitates a fleeing shrimp, a very small baitfish trying to escape from a predator, or an injured baitfish.

Removing the tail of the Slam Shady Paddletail not only changes the action of the lure but also the profile.

It creates a much smaller profile.

This is a great choice if the fish are feeding on small glass minnows or smaller shrimp.

The nub rig is best used for finicky fish to bait them into a reaction strike.

A paddletail without the tail gives off a darting and erratic movement different from its original action.

That type of behavior naturally triggers an instinctive strike from predatory fish.

Paddletail lures sometimes do not match the baitfish that predators are dialed in on which can lessen the number of strikes you get.

It is always best to “match the hatch” and match your lure to the bait the fish are feeding on.


slam shady 2.0 trout attack

By removing the tail of a paddletail, you better match the bait that fish are feeding on which can trigger a reaction strike.

If fishing is slow or fish are feeding but will not hit a paddletail, give the nub rig a try to create erratic action.

A different profile and movement can induce reaction strikes from hesitant fish.

If you have any questions on soft plastic lure modifications, please ask me down in the comments!

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Bob Hartwein
1 year ago

Good Video Tony. Do you think SS 2.0 is better than SS 1.0?

1 year ago

This works great on tarpon. I’ve also caught black drum, snook and trout using this nub rig

A Rollins
1 year ago

Next time please include shots of the rod tip action that was given, reel speeds used, as well as letting the viewers know the rod reel combo, line, leader, and jig weights. So that some of us viewers have a better understanding of how these lure actions were achieved?

John Hourigan
1 year ago

These pool demonstrations are great. Thanks for your helpful videos.

Kratzer Monty
1 year ago

Very nice

Art Heiter
1 year ago

Those pool videos are excellent for demonstrating the various lure actions. Great presentation.

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

With the underwater, the nub looks like a truly erratic fish. Great video Tony

Last edited 1 year ago by Pablo Diaz
Jerry Dexter
1 year ago

Thanks Tony

Bill Bennett
1 year ago

Friday I kept getting bit off by puffers. Moved to another spot in Bull bay and saw fish busting on bait. Thought they might be ladyfish I could catch for bait. They hit anything so I threw the paddle tail bit off right at the hook, just the length of the jig. Surprise! I caught 5 trout 15-18″.

Philip Stoddard
1 year ago

Any idea which is more important, stopping the paddle effect or reducing the length? One could tear off the tail at the paddle for a longer twitch bait or midway along as in the video to mimic a smaller baitfish.

Daniel nevarez
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Awesome info thank you. This answered my question.


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