100 Packs Of Power Prawn USA Lures Now Available!!!


We’ve now got 100 packs of Power Prawn USA Lures!!!!

This is to save YOU money on artificial shrimp lures.

Learn more about these 100 packs right here!

100 Packs Of Power Prawn USA Lures [VIDEO]

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➡100-pack of Power Prawn USA Original (4.3″)

➡100-pack of Power Prawn USA Junior (3.5″)

Power Prawn USA Lures, since their launch, have hands down been our best-selling lure.

Our fishing coaches and several Insider Members have caught their best fish using the Power Prawn USA.

To sum it up shortly, it has the ideal glide and presentation in the water for convincing bigger fish to fully commit to the lure.

Additionally, you have the option of getting 100-packs in the larger 4.3-inch Power Prawn USA. or the Junior size which is 3.5 inches.

Also, Power Prawn USA 100-packs come with a clamshell for these lures included.

This is just in case the tails warp from use or conditions.

What you would do is then put the warped lures in the clamshell and have that sit in the sun for a while so the lures regain their shape.

Without a doubt, this is my new personal favorite lure.

Finally, if you are looking to maximize your results with the Power Prawn U.S.A., there are URLs on the packaging that direct you to tutorials and walk-throughs on the best ways to retrieve these lures.

➡100-pack of Power Prawn USA Original (4.3″)

➡100-pack of Power Prawn USA Junior (3.5″)

Do you have any other questions about 100 packs of Power Prawn USA Lures?

Let us know below!!

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William Hodges
1 year ago

You have 100 packs??? How much are they?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  William Hodges

They are 30%+ percent off from the price if purchased in individual packets. Links to both sizes are included above (price differs based on size and Insider vs. non-Insider.


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