Best Fishing Tips Of The Week (Salt Strong Newsletter Feb 17, 2019)

Pompano on the bottom

Happy Sunday!

It was another awesome week of fishing and teaching here at Salt Strong and I hope you had an awesome week too!

We got to catch some reds, talk to an amazing fishing couple in the MidAtlantic, and we launched our newest course, Pompano Mastery.

So you don’t miss out, below are some of the best tips from this week, starting with the Insider tips, then the public tips, and finishing up with the Fish Strong podcast.


Insider Tips [Exclusive]

finding snook spots  finding slot redfish

finding winter redfish  


Public Tips

how to catch mahi mahi in the gulf of mexico  how to catch pompano with sand fleas

save money on gulp shrimp  fishing and economics


Fish Strong Podcast

virginia beach fishing  inshore slam in florida

Pompano Mastery [New Course!]

beach fishing for pompano

In case you missed it, we launched Pompano Mastery this week.

We teamed up with Joey Antonelli, one of Florida’s best land-based fisherman, to bring you expert secrets on how to catch pompano, including:

  • How to predict exactly where pompano will be feeding for any given temperature, time and tide… so you can avoid getting skunked on your next trip out!
  • How to quickly identify the best locations on the beach to target keeper pompano (even if you’ve never caught pompano from the beach before).
  • How to make the most out of every beach fishing trip (including Joey’s super simple pre-trip planning technique)… helping you attract pompano and whiting strikes even if you only have an hour to fish!
  • Exactly how to match the perfect baits to attract pompano strike fast… even in stirred up water!
  • How to eliminate the need for live sand fleas on all rods… and actually outfish your friends who are held hostage to only live bait!
  • How to know the instant you are stuck in a dead zone… and what type of spot you should go to next!
  • The ONE POMPANO RIG you should ALWAYS have available at all time… plus which rigs you should avoid!

Check out Pompano Mastery here.

Hope you have an amazing week!

Any specific questions you want us to answer?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Terry Overly
Terry Overly
1 year ago

I joined your club approximately one year ago. I enjoy the fishing tips, fishing stories, and so on. But there is a dire problem affecting the entire State, especially the Lower Peninsula. I am 69 years old and have fished all over Florida my whole life. When I read your articles it is what I call “warm fuzzy, all is well” fishing stories. If you you and your contributing members cannot see what is going on your blind and are ignoring the the biggest threat to the sport of fishing in Florida we all love. During the past 8 years I have witnessed our once pristine water ways turned into cess pools. Uncontrolled over development and Florida Agriculture are the biggest threats. I have noticed that all of the publications that cater to Florida fishing have articles about the aforementioned in their monthly issues. I think that Salt Strong Fishing Club needs to get on board in the fight to save our State from Big Business and the politicians who support them! It is my opinion we need to get on the Band Wagon and do our share to save fishing in our State.

Eduardo Concepcion
Eduardo Concepcion
1 year ago

Have the grouper mastery coarse and learned a lot of things. Now would like to see a snapper coarse. Red, Mutton, Cubera and yellow tail snapper coarse!
Thanks for all the information. I have become a much better fisherman because of you guys! You guys rock!

1 year ago

How about more beach fishing tips and/or pier fishing for thise without boat access?

Lloyd Doerflinger
Lloyd Doerflinger
1 year ago

How about a session on what Luke’s tackle box contains for kayak fishing, paddleboard fishing and from his flats boat.


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