Best Fishing Tips (Salt Strong Newsletter Jan 27, 2019)

By: Joe Simonds on January 27, 2019
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Public Fishing Tips

The Fish Strong Podcast

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Bob Hunt

Was Happy to Introduce Salt Strong to My Community Angler Club this week. Del Webb Spruce Creek, Summerfield, Fl. Thanks, Bob Hunt

Vincent Foti

what rain gear is that

Gregory Batchelor

chilling my bones, my brother! lol

Richard Partynski

Hi Joe, I would love to purchase a hat but they do not protect your neck & ears. Any chance in the future that SaltStrong will get
a Australian type hat with a 2 or 3 inch brim vented, but all mesh on top? Thanks Rich

Ralph Nicosia-Rusin

Species suggestion
Joe, now that you are expanding into freshwater fishing you might want to investigate snakeheads. Although an invasive fish they apparently have a lot to offer for their fighting strength and very desirable table fare. Since they are invasive, it makes for a guiltless harvest. I heard about it on
Hook Shots podcast 10/2/18-

Bob Mauro

Just watched video How to catch red fish in winter. I think its great you guys would show that fish finder and its views. Made up my mind for me. Thanks for a great video….

Steven Jefferies

Mangrove snapper… I would love to learn seasons and patterns of chasing them from inshore to near shore

John Rice
John Rice

How about a video on catching big Snook under bridge or dock lights at night on a fly rod

Joseph Bartolone

I am a Wisconsin transplant and have a couple of questions regarding short hits and trailer hooks. Up north, especially when fishing for walleyes with minnows we would add a stinger hook to a 3-4″ piece of mono and attach it the tail end of the minnow. The hook was usually a #10 or #12 treble hook. When trolling for walleyes with night crawlers we would use a two or three single hook trailer harness to help with short hits.

In Florida, when using shrimp, I have experienced a lot of short strikes where the fish attack only one end of the shrimp. Here are my questions.

1. Are stinger hooks legal in Florida for inshore fishing?
2. Are there other techniques that would address short hits when using shrimp.


Iliya Torbica

Stingers are legal. short hits are smaller fish or Sheepshead and mangrove snapper. Trout reddish and snook will inhale a whole shrimp. Thats been my experience. Where in WI? im from MKE live in St Pete, FL

Joseph Bartolone


Waukesha and Sturgron Bay

J.T. Carricato

Hey guys- love all the content. You asked for thoughts on new content and I’d love to see a GPS/ Fish finder mastery course. There’s a lot on the site but all spread out. Just my two cents.

Ryan Jacobs


Bert Flexer

I am on the south east coast of Georgia. What are some ways to find where red fish are feeding? We have tons of oyster beds here. I’ve been catching lots of trout, but haven’t seen any red fish.