The Best Live Bait Hooks For Catching Redfish


What are the best live bait hooks for redfish??

Is there ever a time when you would not use a circle hook?

Would you ever need a hook with additional weight?

Find out the answers below!!

Best Live Bait Hooks For Redfish [VIDEO]

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Hook Sizes

circle hooks vs j hooks for live bait

The first and usually most common mistake people make when buying live bait hooks is they try to match the size of the hook to the size of the fish they are after.

But that is wrong!

Instead, you need to match your hook size to the size of your bait.

If you end up using a huge hook with a small piece of bait, the hook will just end up weighing that piece of bait down.

The bait won’t appear natural and you may run into issues with keeping it alive.

I recommend matching the size of the hook to the size of your bait in inches.

For example, you may have a 5-inch baitfish in front of you and in that case, I would recommend using a 4/0-5/0 hook.

For any baitfish under 3 inches, I would use a 3/0 hook and would only go smaller in size from there, not any larger.

You’d be surprised at some of the big fish I’ve seen caught on a 1/0 circle hook.

If you are targeting larger fish on smaller hooks, then just be sure to get hooks with thicker wire gauges that can withstand heavy force.

Hook Styles

The hooks used in this video demonstration may look similar but there are significant differences that set them apart from each other.

The first hook is the last hook you would use for catch-and-release but the best hook if you are looking to keep fish.

Kahle Hook

This is what is called a Kahle Style hook.

The hook point faces directly toward the eye and is slightly offset from the hook shank.

That means wherever that hook point comes in contact with the fish, it’s going to stick and hold.

If you know there are keeper fish in front of you and you’re going to harvest fish, then a Kahle Hook will work.

But, from a conservation standpoint, Kahle Hooks are deadly.


These hooks are more suited for actively fishing live bait or cut bait.

When fishing with J-Hooks, you let the fish run for a second or two with your bait and then set the hook.

If you are fishing with J-Hooks and setting the rod up in a rod holder, you may find that you’re hooking fish too deep.

The fish have too much time to grab the bait and run off with it before you go to set the hook.

J-Hooks are best for when you have the rod in your hands and actively fishing.

Keep in mind, these hooks do run the risk of gut-hooking fish if you are not actively fishing.

But if you are fishing with thicker pieces of bait and you have to set the hook with some force each time, then this is the way to go.

Circle Hooks

There are MANY types of circle hooks out there but it all comes back to the style of fishing you’re doing.

You can actively fish with circle hooks or you can cast your line out and set up the rod in a rod holder.

The first type of circle hook is an Offset Circle Hook.

Offset circle hooks increase your hook-up ratio and give you a better chance at hooking the fish in the side of its mouth rather than deeper in its gut.

So offset circle hooks are going to be excellent for actively fishing live or cut bait.

You don’t have to aggressively set the hook, you can let the fish run and tighten down the drag on your reel to let the fish hook itself.

Next, you have the true Inline Circle Hook.

The point of the hook is in line with the hook shank.

Another feature to note is the point of the hook is facing back toward the hook shank at around 90 degrees.

The best time to fish with a true inline circle hook is anytime you are fishing with new or inexperienced anglers that don’t know how or when to set the hook.

Circle hooks don’t need to be aggressively set in a fish’s mouth, instead, you can put pressure on the line and let the hook bury itself in the fish.

Moreover, you have to pay attention to the laws and regulations in your local areas because some states restrict you to only using true inline circle hooks.

Before you buy hooks or hit the water, check your local regulations to confirm what you can and cannot use.


best hooks for surf and jetty fishing

Even details as small as your hook size and hook style have a MAJOR impact on your success out on the water as well as your impact on wildlife.

It is critical to understand the type of fishing you’re doing as well as the bait you’re using to choose the RIGHT hook in the end.

Be sure to check your local laws and regulations to understand what hooks are available to you as well!!

Do you have any more questions about the best live bait hooks for redfish?

Let me know if this helps at all down in the comments section!!

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Johnny Salgado
1 year ago

Thank you for the information. Very helpful

Gerald Dexter
1 year ago

Thanks , I will try that

Jake Miller
1 year ago

Always learning! Thanks!

Jon Kaplan
1 year ago

Appreciate the good info as always

Amber Lincoln
1 year ago

Very helpful info..thanks Tony! 99% catch and 2/0 or 3/0 spro circle hook are my favs! Would be great to have a weighted circle hook know of any?

Amber Lincoln
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Haved pinched weights on the circle hooks…checking w Mission Fishin too!
Thanks Bunches!!!

1 year ago

Thank’s very helpful.

James Johnston
1 year ago

Thanks Tony always saw the hooks but never really knew the reason!!! Ur the best fishing coach !!!

Gerard Amitrano
1 year ago

Great information simplified.Thanks

David Hettenhouser
1 year ago

Thanks for the information Tony

Ron Rudolph
1 year ago

I’m learning a lot, but didn’t realize the impact of off sets of the hook points till now.


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